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How to Fix Mordhau Crash Issue

Mordhau is a game which is available on Steam, and it is a slash game designed by Slovenian. Do you play the game and it keeps crashing on launch or during the gameplay? This issue can be easily resolved. In this article, you will get different methods to fix Mordhau crash issue.

How to Fix Mordhau Crash Issue

Here’s How to Fix Mordhau Crash Issue

•    Delete the Configuration Files

1.    Ensure that you have exited from all the Mordhau instances on the system.

2.    It is located in the task manager.

3.    Click on the Windows and R keys together.

4.    Enter “%appdata%” in the prompt box.

5.    After that, click on the Enter option.

6.    Go to the AppData option.

7.    Click on the Local option.

8.    Find the Mordhau file.

9.    Go to the Saved file.

10.    Now, you will get three files with the ‘ushaderprecache’ title.

11.    Ensure that you have removed all the files.

12.    Start the system again.

13.    Open Mordhau once again.

14.    You need to check whether you fixed Mordhau crash issue or not.

•    Change Priority in Task Manager

1.    Open the Mordhau on the system.

2.    You need to click on the Windows and D keys together when you are on the game.

3.    Click on the Windows and D keys together.

4.    Enter “taskmgr” in the prompt box.

5.    Click on the Enter option.

6.    Press on the Details option.

7.    Find the Mordhau entries.

8.    You need to change the priority in Task Manager.

9.    You need to right-click on every Task.

10.   Go to the set priority option.

11.   You need to change that option into Above  Normal or High.

12.    Now, you need to check whether you have fixed the Mordhau crash issue or not.

•    Grant Administrator Access to Mordhau and Steam

1.    Go to This PC option.

2. Find the directory where you have installed the Mordhau or Stem.

3. It will be installed in the Program files located in the Stream.

4. In case you have selected a folder as per your choice, then you will get this installed file in that folder.

5. After going in the Steam directory, you need to right-click on the below-mentioned command:


6. Choose the Properties option.

7. After going to the properties menu, choose the Compatibility option.

8. Go through the Run this program as an administrator option.

9. Once you have given permission to the administrator for accessing the Steam, go to the below-mentioned command:

<Drive> \ Steam \ steamapps \ common

10. Once you have completed all these steps, start the system.

11. Open the game.

12. You need to check whether the Mordhau crash issue is fixed or not.

• Verifying Integrity of Game Cache

1. Click on the Steam app.

2. Press on the Games option.

3. It is located on the upper side of the screen.

4. Choose the Mordhau option.

5. It is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

6. You need to right-click on it.

7. Choose the Properties option.

8. After going to the Properties menu, press on the Local Files option.

9. Choose the Verify Integrity of Game Cache option.

10. Start the system once you have verified the procedure.

11. Open Mordhau once again.

12. Check whether you have fixed this error or not.

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Source: - http://mcafeemcafee.uk/how-to-fix-mordhau-crash-issue/

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