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How to Setup and Use Wireless Audio Sharing in iOS 13 & iPadOS 13

So, here is the Apple Wireless Wireless sharing. Apple has recently launched iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 previews with lots of new functions and features. Audio Sharing is among the most notable features. Possibly you would wonder With this feature, you can listen to music together. Wait, you can listen to your favorite music separately. Sounds good?

Wireless Audio Sharing in iOS 13 & amp;  iPadOS 13

No, you don't need to download your additional device or even download an additional application. Wireless earphones between your device and wireless headphones. And, this new “Audio-Sharing” feature only uses the Bluetooth connectivity to work. Moreover, there are two different ways of using Audio-Sharing according to devices specifications. So, if you are not able to enjoy it. However, you will need to pair the airplanes or the wireless earphones. You can use the Audio-Sharing feature.

• iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Mini, as well as iPod Touch with iOS 13.

• iPad Pro (11 inches & 12.9-inch 2nd generation or later), iPad Air 3rd generation, and iPad mini (5th generation) with iPadOS 13.

Before moving ahead, make iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. Make it true. Although it’s not released yet.

Audio-Sharing in iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 devices.

Method 1: For iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 beta version (through Bluetooth pairing)

At the very first, you'll need to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with the AirPods or wireless headphones. In the case of the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 final release, you can also use the Bluetooth headphones with a single device. Here is how.

1. Turn on both wireless headphones and put them in the pairing mode. The headphones model.

2. Make sure that both the headsets are in the pairing mode. Otherwise, it’s your iPhone or iPad.

3. Now, take your iPhone or iPad installed.

4. Go to the device 'Settings'.

5. And then jump into 'Bluetooth' settings. Here you will find the device found list.

6. Tap and connect to both headsets one by one. When the devices are paired successfully, they will be listed.

7. Some headphones also confirm pairing. You can check yours to verify that they are successfully paired.

8. Now, open your music app and start playing your tunes. Both of the connected headphones will play the same track simultaneously. But it can be controlled from the iPhone / iPad.

Method 2: For iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 final release (through proximity)

Although this pairing could be the easiest for you than the pairing. IOS 13 & iPadOS 13.

1. Take your iOS or iPadOS device.

2. Now, hold your iOS device or iPadOS device and take it closer to the first one playing media.

3. You'll see a pop-up on both devices, tap on 'Share Audio'.

Once the devices get connected, you will be able to share media between them.

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Source: - http://mcafee-mcafee.uk/how-to-setup-and-use-wireless-audio-sharing-in-ios-13-ipados-13/

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