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How to Send and Receive Texts from Your Windows PC

Want to send and receive texts on large screens? It is convenient to use, especially when you are at work. You can send and receive texts from your computer. How do you send and receive texts from your Windows PC?

How to Send and Receive Texts from Your Windows PC

Steps to Send and Receive Texts Through Pinger Textfree Web

Pinger Textfree Web Number for email it. You can start using the texts. This is the way through the Pinger Textfree Web:

• If you need to provide a correct pin code.

• After that, select the phone number to link to the account.

• You should have a phone number to verify the account.

• After verifying the account, you can start this procedure.

• You can use Pinger Textfree Web from Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or Tablet.

• It’s easy to get your hands on it.

• Enter the message in the box.

• Enter the recipient name.

• Click on the Send option.

• After you click on your Windows PC.

Steps to Send and Receive Texts Through PushBullet

• Firstly, you need to start installing the application.

• Log in by Google or Facebook account details.

• Choose SMS by phone.

• Compose the text.

• Start adding the name of the recipient.

• Send your text from your Windows PC.

• You will receive a text on the Windows notification menu.

• You can get a pushbullet application.

Steps to Send and Receive Texts Through MightyText

• You can download the web browser for the MightyText application.

• It will work well with the Android devices.

• The MightyText is compatible with the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer browser.

• After installing the MightyText application, login with Google.

• Now, the authorization of the MightyText application.

• After completing the steps mentioned above, you will go back to the web browser.

Steps to Send and Receive Texts Through Google Voice

• You need to choose your phone number in the pin code.

• After that, log in to the Google Voice account.

• After completing the logging in Google Voice. You will take back to the common interface which resembles a Google application.

• On the left-hand side of the Windows PC.

• Get the context menu on the screen.

• Enter in the text.

• After that, click on the Windows PC.

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