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How to Wipe Your Windows PC Hard Drive

Some of the Windows computers come with a system recovery disc or already have in-built recovery processes on the hard disk drive. You can restore and reset your computer hard drive to remove problems with the system programs which includes corrupted and malicious files in Windows. Here’s how to wipe your computer hard drive.

How to Wipe Your Windows PC Hard Drive

Steps to Wipe the Hard Drive on Windows 10

•    Go to the Start menu.

•    Choose the Settings button.

•    Choose the Update and security option located in the Settings option.

•    Choose the Recovery button given in the left-hand navigation bar.

•    Press on the Get Started option provided in the “Reset this PC” column.

•    Click on the Keep my files or Remove everything button in case you to wipe your computer hard drive.

•    Go through the on-screen prompts to start the recovery procedure.

Steps to Wipe the Hard Drive on Windows 8

• Click on the Windows Charms.

• Tap on the Search button.

• Enter reinstall in the search box.

• Make sure you don't click on the Enter button.

• Choose the Settings button.

• Choose the Remove and Uninstall Windows option.

• Tap on the Next button located on the “Reset your PC” display.

Choose display display display display.

• Otherwise, you can’t get it.

• Press to reset your PC option.

Steps to Wipe the Hard Drive on Windows 7 and Vista

• You need to install the Windows 7 or Vista installation DVD in the system DVD drive.

• Start the system again.

• After getting the “press button” on the system keyboard.

• Tap on the Enter button located on the Windows Setup display.

• Click on any button given on the system keyboard.

• “Install Windows” webpage.

• After that, tap on the Next button.

• Go through the webpage.

• Press on the Next option.

• Select the Custom button provided on the Installation Type display.

• Click on the Drive Options button.

• You need to remove the drive for the Disk 0.

• Tap on the Disk 0.

• Click on the Next button.

By Martin aida  is a the Microsoft of Office by expert and has Been working in the industry since the Contents Technical 2002. Contents Technical of As a by expert, she is Written Contents Technical has the blogs, the manuals, Communities white papers, and reviews The worst MANY for the websites such as with the  office.com/setup .

Source: - https://oficesetup.com/how-to-wipe-your-windows-pc-hard-drive/

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