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11 августа 2017 г. 06:27

Manchester United poured at maddenvip

Rooney completed 7 foot shot, this season in the  Madden Mobile Coins Premier League shooting this also broke the hundred times (101 times) mark. Rooney's Premier League score has reached 173, from the row Henry's only third place in the history list, according to the momentum of the season to complete beyond hope there is hope after the game was "Daily Mail" as the best player Rooney, accepted the Sky TV interview:


"We all Clearly this will be Buy Madden Mobile Coins a tough game, halftime we know we have to score again, once we do it will be very easy to knock down the opponent. We have had a tough week and have a lot of negative things for us, so we are so hurt that today we want to prove that we are better than we have ever shown. Of course we are willing to take responsibility, we must continue to move forward, we must in the next three games to prove that


Manchester United or a top team. "As for the new coach Giggs, Rooney said:" Giggs did have the potential of the next coach, but all this by the board and the club decided. "British" Daily Mail "has revealed that Manchester United intends to spend 55 million pounds to introduce Southampton stars Luke - Shaw and La Rana, although many British media that Luke - Xiao will be 30 million pounds transfer fee to Manchester United The first day of the summer, but today's "


Daily Mail" to Manchester United poured at maddenvip.com cold water, it is learned that Manchester United to determine the coach before, Luke - Shaw will not agree to join Manchester United, while another new aid Lalana joined Manchester United The same is not optimistic about the prospects, after all, the winter of the new aid Ma tower is the lesson of Lara. Manchester United left-back Evra's contract expires after the end of the season, but he has not completed the contract with the team, the French

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