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20.08.2017 12:04

With David - Louis, Tiago - Silva equivalent level defender far away. Ramos hopes to get a new contract with an annual salary of 10 million euros, but Florentino is NBA Live Mobile Coins not willing to renew the former. It now appears that the development of things has made Real Madrid unable to control. Real Madrid executives would have thought that to Ramos a new contract he recognized, will let the Spanish riots subsided, obediently choose to renew.

But let them can not expect is that the team before the actions have been completely hurt the team's vice heart, Ramos has been reluctant to renew the contract with the NFL Coins team, even if Real Madrid is willing to come up with a generous renewal contract. Rennes, Ramos's agent, but also his brother, has clearly told Real Madrid, the players I do not want to renew the contract with the team, the club needs to understand that they are free to complete the renewal of the opportunity.


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19.08.2017 05:10
Levin after the near destruction, the Madden NFL 18 Coins introduction of the new striker is difficult in a short time To effect. So Duo special in the summer to sell Jingdong the possibility of great, for Manchester United, the 24-year-old Jingdong will be the team midfielder perfect puzzle. 2012-13 season Jingdong to help more into the Champions League final, become the hottest star in Europe, but then a serious injury to let him away from the stadium 18 months, the past two seasons only played 19 times, he also missed the World Cup And the opportunity to join Real Madrid. However, after the return of this season, Jing Dongan good performance, not only to Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins help Dortmund escape from the relegation zone, more re-selected the German national team list, both offensive and defensive he is expected to join the old Trafford this summer. Germany and the release of the reasons for choosing Manchester United last season, the transfer window, Liverpool and Arsenal for Sanchez


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18.08.2017 05:10

 The Lucky run out of the NBA Live Mobile Coins day, just 34 days ago Manchester United with Van Persie scored twice away from Southampton beat Southampton, coach Van Gaal bluntly: Manchester United win, won the luck, perhaps South Ann Dayton is more worthy of a victory. It was by virtue of that victory, Manchester United in the standings from fourth to third, while the saints fell from third to fifth.

Say that the current newspaper, did not expect so quickly found. Southampton seems to be only in the early half of the offensive end of the two play ferocious, but in fact they are in the  Buy Fut 18 Coins defensive performance of the audience are very good, but rather Manchester United unnecessary return and cross too much, not much Several straight pass straight plug ball, or to Dimaliya and Mata's waves as the end.


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17.08.2017 05:54

Tou Tou people to strengthen the Madden Mobile Coins team strength. British media "insight offside" disclosure, Manchester United manager Van Gaal is not satisfied with the performance of Rafael, but he hoped that the Brazilian defender to stay, so Manchester United is preparing to start negotiations with Raphael, and often guest right-back Sri Lanka Lin, the Dutch feel that the England players can focus on the central defender, do not have to guest other places,

 Van Gaar reason why the introduction of Cheapest madden 18 coins Uchida Benedict, because he wants Rafael to compete with his posts. Uchida Benedict 26 years old, Japanese international, debut in the Kashima Antlers, 2010 summer join Schalke 04, the past few seasons, has always been the main team, the tournament played 135 times, scored 2 goals, had Help Schalke 04 reached the Champions League semi-final, won two championship trophies.


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16.08.2017 05:21

The British "Telegraph" pointed out that in  NBA Live Mobile Coins fact alone on the Farno loan this year, Manchester United to pay the actual cost of 24 million pounds, of which 6 million pounds to remove the rental costs, Manchester United in the year to bear Falcao nearly 18 million pounds of full annual salary, so the cost of rent is unprecedented. "In fact,

Manchester United spent 65 million euros (about 58 million pounds) has bought out the Falcao, and the fact that Manley has spent 65 million euros (about 58 million pounds) Signed for 4 years, but consider the UEFA financial fair policy factors, the first year must be in the form of leasing to Cheap Madden Coins join. "For the club to sign the Falcao, Manchester United manager Van Gaal is very pleased that he praised Falcao is" high Shooter "," not to be missed ".

 Manchester United became a local tycoon in the summer, spending heavily on the introduction of Herrera


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15.08.2017 05:22

The first 80 minutes, Manchester United to NBA Live Mobile Coins expand the lead, Kagawa Shinji restricted area before the right side of the pass, Hernandez point diving after the break, Real Madrid 1-3 behind. 85 minutes, Lin Gard restricted the right side of the pass, Zaha header Gongmen higher than the beam. Make up the first minute, Kagawa Shinji oblique plug, Zaha restricted area right rib shot was defensive player denied the bottom line.

How did the Americans suddenly burst into NBA 2K18 MT football so enthusiastic? As everyone knows, they are no longer a little knowledge of football groups, football is the second favorite American youth sports. By eight European giants to participate in the International Champions Cup (also known as Guinness Cup), yesterday completed the final, Manchester United 3 to 1 victory over Liverpool.

This is a pure warm-up business in the United States this has been considered a "football desert" on


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14.08.2017 07:52

Giggs is the Madden Mobile Coins "best football player" and "Manchester United history played the most players", he served as assistant Is the greatest affirmation, and Van Gaal also acquiesced in this request, not too much entangled. Future guess the next madman Mourinho? At the end of this year will be over 41 years old Giggs, has indeed to challenge the coach industry's most Good age, the greatest coach in the United Kingdom Ferguson account for more than twenty years after he was on July 4 last year as the Red Devils players and coaches,

but also from the failure of madden mobile 18 coins for sale Moyes experience experienced enough lessons to recognize that The top giants coach hard and difficult.Mo Ye after class, he was the identity of the transition coach, led the final four rounds of the league, made 2 wins and 1 losses record, can be considered no merit, but now, Giggs will Fan Jiaer can be completely different with the Moyes,


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12.08.2017 05:28

But the quarter-finals of the  NBA Live Mobile Coins remaining seven opponents are not weak, and coincidence is the two history reached the Champions League quarterfinals tied for the most team in the quarter-final battle encountered, but now Manchester United and Bayern Munich can not the same day And language. As the defending champion, Bayern Munich three times the last three times reached the Champions League finals, Manchester United despite nearly six seasons is also the third into the Champions League battle and 1 cup, but a brutal reality is that this year they are the first time in three years

Champions League quarterfinals, and  is NBA Live 18 Coins led by Moyes. Encounter Bayern, can not fail to mention the 1999 Nou Camp, Manchester United at that time with the buzzing stage of the magic double hit to create the history of the Champions League one of the most classic decisive battle. But


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11.08.2017 06:27

Rooney completed 7 foot shot, this season in the  Madden Mobile Coins Premier League shooting this also broke the hundred times (101 times) mark. Rooney's Premier League score has reached 173, from the row Henry's only third place in the history list, according to the momentum of the season to complete beyond hope there is hope after the game was "Daily Mail" as the best player Rooney, accepted the Sky TV interview:

"We all Clearly this will be Buy Madden Mobile Coins a tough game, halftime we know we have to score again, once we do it will be very easy to knock down the opponent. We have had a tough week and have a lot of negative things for us, so we are so hurt that today we want to prove that we are better than we have ever shown. Of course we are willing to take responsibility, we must continue to move forward, we must in the next three games to prove that


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10.08.2017 08:56

 Sevilla youth training system trained players last year to help the Spanish U21 team to get the European Youth Championship, and in the NBA Live Mobile Coins October 15, Spain 2-0 victory over Georgia Of the World Cup to complete the debut, fleet Street, said he is expected to follow the Matador Corps to Brazil to participate in the World Cup. Moreno is a very talented player, to know the completion of the Spanish national team debut a year ago,

he had just been promoted to the Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins first team in Seville. This season, Moreno on behalf of the various events in Seville played 38 times, contributed 3 goals assists 2 times. British media "Mirror" admitted that Moreno and Luke - Shaw's future, in the end to join which team, it is hard to say, it is learned that the Spanish international contract with Seville in the summer of 2018 expires. In the wing position, Manchester United has other goals, "


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