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12 января  2018 г. 11:50

Package Disabler Pro Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Package Disabler 6.3

Many phones arrive with plenty of preinstalled unwanted purposes, including video and new music apps that not all end users get pleasure from. These apps consider up a lot of space and lower your phone's overall performance, without having permitting buyers uninstall them.Until you can root your phone, you can find no precise way to eradicate them. Even so, Package Disabler Pro (samsung) is often a really practical application that allows you disable these pre-installed deals, but it only is effective on Samsung telephones.

Easy-to-use interface with many tips

The app's interface is very generic, it only includes a listing of all purposes installed with your cellphone and won't come with any real tips. Consequently, it is really best to read all recommendations and view the video over the app's Google Perform website page, just before setting up to disable deals.It will not use substance design and style but it surely does have got a menu with choices beneath an overflow icon to the top left side from the monitor. The app is quite fluent and it will not choose prolonged to figure out how it functions and the many neat functions that you can use.

Disable all unwelcome programs

Package Disabler only performs on Samsung equipment, though the developer is wanting to make the application obtainable for other phones as well. All you want to do if you want to disable a package is to uncover it within the list or use the lookup bar.It demonstrates you if your package is working, it is dimensions, route, CPU use, RAM memory utilization and knowledge measurement. You can apparent information and disable the package. This doesn't suggest which the application is uninstalled, nevertheless it will no longer get updates from Google Enjoy and will not get up cellphone means. Make use of the application to apparent memory and help save battery on your telephone, without having rooting it.

More features

You can lock access within the application employing a password, as to make certain other individuals won't accessibility your info. Package Disabler gives an export/ import features to backup all disabled packages on your own exterior storage which you can restore at any time.However, customers should always possess a backup in their cellular phone as essential features may possibly crack when disabling system applications. On top of that, the exported package list lets you swiftly remove all bloatware immediately after installing a different ROM or executing a manufacturing facility reset. When wiping your phone's data, you can export your package list to import it on your new ROM.The application will come with a premium element that prices 0.99$ and allows you disable a vast amount of packages, clear away bloatware with one click, it lets batch procedure to empower all disabled deals and has a lot of filters.

Filed beneath:

Geekbench 3 3.3.2

Check Your Android 3.0

QualityTime - My Digital Diet program 2.1.3

Multitasking 1.12

Smart Undertaking Launcher 1.2.1

Hits & Misses


it lets you disable all sort of pre-installed deals

bloatware packages are singled out

protect the application with a password

export disabled checklist to the exterior storage to import later

quickly uncover apps applying the search operation


it only performs on Samsung units

it has in-app purchases

Bottom Line

Layout / UI

The interface is really nice, with all characteristics at hand and a nice menu with alternatives.


It truly is an exceedingly handy application, but it surely would have been nice if it worked on other phones, not just Samsung.


It only needs obtain to areas of your phone that are connected to its options, so it shouldn't pose any privacy issues.


Consumption is low, the app surely won't drain your assets.


No ads, however it arrives with a paid version that offers plenty of neat tools.


It only operates on Samsung units functioning Android version 2.2 or later.

My openion

It really is an exceedingly useful application, but it surely would be nice if it worked on more types of phones.

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