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12 октября 2018 г. 05:54

Today, it is the day of school, the day that sho

Today, it is the day of school, the day that should have been in a good mood, the weather is unpredictable, and there is an unfortunate incident. This incident made me feel very happy and fell to the bottom, and the key was lost.t arrived at the door at noon, my hand went to the trouser pocket Carton Of Marlboro Reds, what? What about the key? There was a question in my mind, and there was an ominous thing to happen in my mind. Then I turned my pockets all over the sky and I didn��t see the key Newport Cigarettes Price. "oh, mygod! Wouldn��t it be like this?!" Speaking on my mouth. But the facts are facts and they are in front of us. We must accept it, both good and bad. After noon, the door was still locked, and lunch was a bowl of hot dry noodles in the noodle restaurant.oughout the afternoon, in my heart and in my mind, every organ in the whole body was thinking about it. The key might fall there. After an afternoon of thinking, I think 80% is the key to bring when I save money. Come out. Just arrived downstairs, my father just came back, I told him everything, my father was very angry, and quickly called the class teacher, but the result was a big change of 360 degrees. The key was picked up by the teacher. This news is like a cliff. It is a blessing in misfortune.the key-breaking incident Wholesale Cigarettes, I realized a truth from it, and I must be careful and careful when doing things, so as not to lose things and do good things. Standing with a "beer barrel", wearing black-rimmed glasses Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, sharp eyes, a belly of ink, full of economy, is it so sacred tolook at the sternness that Comrade Lao Yang has been described. He is actually an unscrupulous and embarrassing person. His method of class is standing among the teachers. I remember that once, Comrade Lao Yang was doing a serious lecture Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. When we took notes seriously, he suddenly came up with a cold sentence: "There are female students wearing a 'hammer' (skirt) today." The voice has not fallen, all The class was already laughing and laughing, and the comrade Lao Yang, who had a high skill, proudly swept the class and took a sigh without losing the opportunity - hehe! The sound was loud and high, like a spiritual atomic bomb thrown into the ears of the students. - "Wow, haha", the whole class blasted the pot for a while, and the classmates who laughed were already crying and laughing, and they felt uncomfortable. At this moment, Comrade Lao Yang is smugly glance at everyone, as if to announce to the class: "I haven��t heard for three years, and I��m amazing!"ient poem of bamboo stone, Comrade Lao Yang did not know whether he wanted to show off his paintings and paintings, but he also raised a picture of a bamboo on the blackboard and wrote the poems with cursive scripts. The outline of this painting is distinct. The word of this poem is very strong. The whole class is a warm applause. Comrade Lao Yang proudly offered a treasure: "My painting is really superb, Zheng Banqiao is just like this!" Suddenly, the warm applause changed again. It became a "warm" buzz. 

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