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12 октября 2017 г. 05:01

Restaurant or the jersey

players might come to cheating their Some NFL players weigh more than 300 pounds. If you think those players can walk into their team cafeteria and eat whatever they want, think again. In the ultra-competitive modern NFL,Women's #5 Nike Game Bradley Pinion Black NFL Jersey - San Francisco 49ers Fashion
 players and teams are looking to gain an advantage wherever they can. Nutrition has become an important component of building a winning team, which means NFL teams carefully control what players eat while they're in the practice facilityOn a typical afternoon in the Buffalo Bills' cafeteria, which was expanded in 2014, salmon, chicken, broccoli and asparagus are on the menu -- but no burgers, fries, ice cream or sweets. "Everything is going to be as healthy as possible," http://www.nflcardinalsofficial.com/Authentic-Drew-Stanton-Jersey assistant strength and conditioning coach Will Greenberg said in Brandon Marshall Jersey August. "The idea is if we can give [players] as many good nutrients as possible while they're here, there's going to be times where guys go and they want cheeseburgers somewhere -- they're going to have that, that's going to be their choice, that's fine. But if we can give them three meals here and maybe a take-home meal, that's a great chance for guys to eat healthy all the time." The Bills' Forrest Lamp Jersey cafeteria serves about 250 people per day, which includes players, coaches and staff members. The kitchen staff arrives as early as 4 a.m. to begin preparations for the day and serves food until about 7 o'clock at night. Greenberg works with a nutritionist twice per week to determine menus for players, but one favorite snack has stuck. Much like their counterparts in the NBA, Bills players love their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. "We make it with Ezekiel bread and a homemade jam," Greenberg said. "So they probably don't know anything different. But we kind of get around the hydrogenated oils and everything. I don't mind giving it to them. If that's what they're going to eat as opposed to some crappy sandwich from McDonald's or something, I'd much rather do that." Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the Bills' cafeteria and the usual meal schedule for two of their most well-known playersBuffalo is known for its wings, but Bills players will have to make a trip to local favorites such as Elmo's Bar & Restaurant or the Bar Bill Tavern if they want to enjoy the city's signature food item. Don't expect to find wings in the team's cafeteria. "Very rarely are we having french fries or anything deep-fried," Greenberg saidChicken is on the Bills' menu, but in a healthier form than deep-fried wings. The team typically cooks 24 rotisserie chickens each day. That is one of multiple protein options available to players, the most common being grass-fed beef http://www.nfltitansofficialonline.com/Nike-Jack-Conklin-Jersey.html imported from New Zealand. The Bills serve a staggering 400 to 500 pounds of beef on average each week, and went through a half-ton of it during one week of organized team activities in the spring. For players who prefer fish, the cafeteria rotates several choices. More than 250 pounds of salmon is served each week, with cod, tilapia, sea bass and halibut also making appearances on the menu. Though wings are not often served, pizza is the closest players might come to cheating their healthy diet. The team creates a themed flatbread pizza for each week's opponent, such as an unusual crab cake pizza when Buffalo traveled to play Baltimore in the preseason. The cafeteria also offers deli meats for players and staff to make sandwichesThe Bills pair a green vegetable and a healthy starch with each of their protein choices. On one day in August, the team served zucchini noodles and brown rice with Thai-themed chicken, and steamed asparagus and white rice with beef tenderloins. Steamed broccoli and sweet potato wedges were available with BBQ rotisserie chicken. The Bills serve an average of 50 bunches of asparagus per day and 60 pounds of broccoli per dayAll of the food in the Bills' cafeteria is cooked in coconut Womens Eddie Murray Jersey oil or grass-fed butter. The team does not use canola oil or processed oils. If players want to add fat http://www.nflsteelersofficialstore.com/Nike-Jesse-James-Jersey.html to their meal, there are small containers of fish oil and olive oil available. In addition to a stir-fry station where vegetables are served, the Bills offer a salad and soup bar. There are also to-go meals available, which are popular with players' family membersPerhaps the most popular area in the Bills' cafeteria is Authentic Ziggy Ansah Jersey the smoothie bar, where the Bills serve 60 shakes per day, each 24 ounces. Players can choose from several premade shakes, such as the "body composition" shake -- pineapple, kale, almond butter and lemon fish oil -- or the "vanilla thrilla," which has strawberries, a banana, vanilla whey, chia seeds, flax seeds, almond milk and almond butter. The Bills go through a 35-pound tub of almond butter each week and about 56 pounds of strawberries each day. In addition to shakes, the Bills offer what they call "shooters" -- plastic cups filled with a mix of spices, herbs and liquid. One is called the "veteran" and includes turmeric, lemon, apple cider and cayennehttp://www.ifl-forum.com/blog-e22307-Luke-Gale-scores-jersey-winner-days-after-appendectomy.htmlhttp://mehfeel.net/mehfeel/blogs/post/49260http://openxmldeveloper.org/discussions/development_tools/f/17/p/50321/217544.aspx#217544http://atvdra.com/forum/index.php?page=topicview&id=general-chat%2Fhave-jersey&post_id=5972&redirected=1#post_5972http://badtwo.com/forum/topic.php?topic_id=3012http://milliauction.com/forum/topic/85041http://connect.ogotunekiti.com/forum/topic/13447

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