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17 мая 2018 г. 05:11

While NHL Threes has a distinct personality

While NHL Threes has a distinct personality, the rest of NHL 18 lacks the innovation and vitality that has breathed new life into other sports franchises in the last few years (Madden NFL 18, MLB The Show 17). Unlike these other sports sims, NHL 18 lacks a distinct personality. Other sports sims make you feel as if you are in their respective pro leagues through illuminating color commentary, interesting storylines, and stat tracking and on the spot analysis (through fake tweets, on screen overlays, etc.). NHL 18 sorely lacks in these departments, making it difficult to NHL 18 Coins draw you in and keep your interest throughout its sim experience.


Franchise mode, where many players spend the bulk of their time, introduces expansion draft. You can either start the expansion draft as the new Vegas Golden Knights team, or create your own team to bring the number of NHL teams to an even 32. The latter option lets you create a team name, logo, uniform, mascot, stadium design — the works. The customization options are somewhat limited — you can’t create uniforms and mascots from scratch, for example — but the variant at least allows for a proper expansion draft and lets you feel more in control of your newly created team.

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