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12 февраля 2018 г. 04:24

Ark provided the right level of distraction

V?r could not work, and spent most of his days bedbound. Surgeons removed some of his colon and put him on a course of immunosuppressant drugs to ARK Items  control the inflammation in his gut - a necessary treatment, but one that made him more vulnerable to viruses and germs.This was the horrible context in which Ark arrived in V?r’s life. He took a chance on it the very first day it was released into Early Access. His first session was half a day in its PvP mode, which did not take - “there were trolls everywhere and so much aggression and competitiveness” - but in its PvE game, he found an important, even essential, coping mechanism. 


“Ark provided the right level of distraction. I could focus on trying to achieve something in the game, instead of the pain I was constantly in.” He did play other games on occasion, including Evolve, but ultimately it was only Ark that “seemed to give me what my brain needed.“I could pick and choose the pace at which I played, and the things I did. It was the perfect distraction from the pain of the surgery and as such was a welcome relief, at first.”V?r’s unique relationship with Ark began as a way to keep his mind off his pain, but game mechanics, perhaps inevitably, took over.

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Автор: Статус: offline. Пол: женский xingwang (xingwang)
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