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16 сентября 2017 г. 10:51

Causes eye myopia

It can also be caused by myopia, which is the medical term of near or short-sightedness. This occurs when there is too much curving of the cornea or if the eye itself is too long. Myopia is when objects from a distance will seem blurry. They appear blurry because they are too focused in front of the eye's retina. Nearsightedness is a common disorder and affects approximately 25 percent of American adults.

Another mild eye disorder that can be a cause of it is hyperopia or farsightedness. This is the opposite of myopia and occurs when objects from a distance look clear while objects up close look blurry. In contrast to myopia, hyperopia happens when the eye is too short and when the images are focused beyond the eye's retina.

When the eye myopia,Dial Vision Gafas or do not wear glasses, the adjustment of the use of the normal eye than the adjustment of the force is lower, do not wear glasses more obvious, long-term do not wear short-sighted glasses to see near, the adjustment of the force with little or almost no, only use a set. Then, such a person, the normal adjustment force will fall, the adjustment amplitude is much lower than the peers. When we correct their view of the near and far, we will find that they wear short-sighted mirror to see very difficult, this is the lack of adjustment of visual problemsDial Vision Glasses India.

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