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14 сентября 2018 г. 09:56

The viewpoint of Path of Exile to its past performance

It can be hard. It’s a catch-22, in a number of ways. You can’t deny that dressing and looking pretty for stream attracts more viewers, but it’s also not the type of attention you desire for your stream. For me, I like to give attention to gameplay and being entertaining and engaged. I think I’ve done a very good job of deflecting that type of attention. It still happens. I know a great deal of girls have trouble with this, plus some embrace it.

I have two favorites. In terms of grinding, the Solar Guards spectre build was easy and fun to learn. But my absolute favorite was my Storm Burst CwC Frost Bolt build, mostly because I managed to get. And the clear speed was insane. The only issue was killing a reflect monster off screen and one-shotting yourself…

I like Beachhead for that EXP. Unfortunately, I think the map itself is bland and I’m keen on aesthetics. I didn’t find much thrill in running into mmoah Harbingers in game either. It’s nowadays EXP for blue packs, even so they explode into chump change. No mirror shards in my opinion… I’m not bitter or anything.

I love how customizable builds may be in Path of Exile. I don’t really notice as a game “to beat,” I visualize it more to be a game of, “can I do that? What content will which get me through?” Like trap flame dash totems. It’s a dumb idea. But for some reason it really works! I would say it’s even more of a “why not?” question for me personally than anything. I love to be entertained, and I try to be challenged.

Definitely. I think there are 2 ways to help. One is to suggest a vast improvement on an existing build or situation, including mechanics of any boss fight, as well as the other POE Delve Currency is declaring a better node to road to in the skill tree. I like those varieties of help. I don’t like anybody “help” by saying things such as “You’re playing that build? You should do Vaal Cyclone!” or “Why are you currently playing a negative build?”

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