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9 ноября 2018 г. 09:35, Китай Смотреть на карте

Perhaps the MapleStory 2 Gold for Sale

So let’s talk graphics. In the jump to a few-D, MapleStory 2 chose to go having a style it is exactly what I call “LEGO meets Fisher-Price.” It’s minuscule and cute, and it offers the effect of creating me feel as though I’m playing a casino game that was  intended to get a person several decades years younger than I am. The colors are bold and extremely attractive, lending the overall game a bright and cheery atmosphere that’s even peppy if you’re inside middle of your poisonous sewer.


Perhaps the strangest aspect to the present MMO’s look may be the layout of each and every zone and instance. Each area comes about on a slanted grid that could’t be rotated and lacks a skybox and sometimes walls or firm boundaries. They’re genuinely floating  islands inside sky — company, you may fall off from them, but you’ll land right back in which you left. It’s the form of look you just see currently in turn-based strategy games and MapleStory 2 Gold for Sale also the like, plus it does take some getting utilized to here. I  suppose one upside is the fact these graphics are not gonna tax anyone’s hardware inside least.


A almost all my time playing during the jump start week was progressing through what turned out being a fairly linear story. The tone on this tale is reasonably goofy and whimsical, with masked figures pretending to get janitors to fool hapless  guards, bears piloting mechs, and assistants gladly blowing up labs for the drop of an hat. Again, I’m not likely the ideal demographic for mafia wars, and I desire that younger audiences would find this over-the-top tomfoolery and  simplistic storytelling easy that you follow and giggle-inducing.


Did I mention that there’s the power to skip any with the bazillion cutscenes that MapleStory 2 triggers? That’s important, at that time.


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