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14 сентября 2018 г. 10:11

While astrologers are well aware of Ophiuchus, don’t expect a change in your n

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This is new and interesting.If you like horoscopes you will like it or maybe no. But some things are just happened.


Did you know that there are new zodiac signs? Very famous astronomer Parke Kunkle tell us that due to changes in the Earth’s alignment, the dates of many zodiac signs have changed. And now there is new 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus.


So does this mean that you’ve been checking the wrong sign every morning in your horoscope? Old Ancient Babylonians had 13 horoscope signs, but wanted only 12, so they put out Ophuchicus, the snake holder. Libra didn’t even enter the picture until the era of Julius Caesar. You may find that your sign has changed, meaning that you’re no longer a Leo or Virgo! So problem is , the moon’s gravitational pull has very slowly moved the Earth in its axis, and it created about a one-month bump in the stars’ alignment. But you should know that this change only applies if you’re born after the change date.


Dou you believe in astrology?


There are many people around that don’t believe in some theories, or only partially believe in them. We can find two reasons to not believe one comes after deep reasoning and observation, like in all empirical sciences, and the other from lack of real knowledge or very low capacity of the human mind to grasp the subject matter from the theory. Ok it is true that belief also can be determined by a collective behaviour of one generation. But it can’t be that we are right and the older generations are wrong, but it is the conditioning that is composed by a one generation that makes a certain belief a norm of the society.


What you can do now?


While astrologers are well aware of Ophiuchus, don’t expect a change in your newspaper horoscopes anytime soon.”This isn’t news. This is nothing,” said Anne Massey, an astrologer and author based in Surrey, B.C.


Astronomers suggest a new process of defining zodiac signs on the basis of one’s birth date as the earth’s position vis-a-vis the sun and other stars has changed since the horoscope signs were determined over 2,000 years ago. So do you want your sign back?
I can tell you about me. I dont’t believe in astrology to much.But stil there are some interesting facts.There are to many people that think that they are professional and that they know all about horoscope.You can’t just read book or two and then try to understand all.It is not that simple.You need to put more work in it.With this blog i will try to help you to undarstand basic principes of astrology and what is diference between astrology and astronomy.Also i will help you tu undarstand your zodiac sign.


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