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GPS jammer, GPS Signal Suppressors and GLONASS Jammers

Apparently, you know that all GPS-systems use for a work so-called triangulation system, which means the work of 3 satellites, tracking the occurrence of certain points on the earth's surface.

The application of the triangulation system has an amazing effect: the position of the moving object is found with a distance of up to a centimetre. The military system (intended for military operations) and civilian.

Since these frequencies are elementary radio signals, they can be blocked by means of a special technical device - a GPS jammer and a GLONASS signal. Now, most of the civilian population can not afford to buy jammers of satellite frequencies.

If you think that such a suppressor of GPS frequencies can be done on your own - then you are mistaken. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the frequencies of the radio frequency. But there is no need to worry if you need to interfere with this type of device. Our site brings to your attention special signal jammers, necessary for this! To your attention a wide range of suppressors of the global positioning system and GLONASS frequencies, that's why you can find the right model of the satellite signal blocker, which meets all your requirements and goals, and then you can use the GPS signal jammer yourself when you need it.

It should be noted that some jammers operate at two frequencies simultaneously: GPS and GSM. GSM GPS jammer . In the same situation .

GSM Jammer

The modern life of any person is filled with a lot of different electronic devices that help us in many cases, making them easier and more interesting. Each of the invented devices is in undemanding a mobile phone. These mobile devices are very helpful to us in terms of communication, information sharing and entertainment, but they can also become a hindrance to our quiet life, privacy and the safety of our personal information.

To protect themselves and their personal data from unlawful interference by other people, and at the same time from annoying telephone talkers who are not familiar with the rules of conduct in public places, people invented telephonic suppressors, also known as GSM jammers. GSM 3G jammer. GSM 3G jammer. GSM 3G jammer. If you suspect that someone is monitoring you using hidden surveillance systems, then you need to install a GSM 3G jammer. This jamming signal will help you get rid of the many types of tracking and surveillance used by people watching you. In order to further protect yourself, you can also use jamming WiFi signals and blockers of VHF DMV along with the suppressors of other, not so common, but still used frequencies.

There are also a suppressor of explosive devices, nicknamed in the people of silenced GSM signals. This is a military development, the only one of its kind. Such blockers are used in military conflicts around the world for the personal protection of fighters and minimizing combat losses among personnel. The quality of this GSM Cell Phone Jammers is the highest, and its reliability has been proven many times in many battles.


In order to make it more convenient for you to choose a jammer in accordance with your specific requirements and preferences, we at stratign offers a wide range of different jammers that are configured to block different frequency ranges. GSM frequency suppressor in order to protect yourself and prevent all attempts of someone to monitor you.

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