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14 марта 2019 г. 04:36

Path of Exile teases next month’s content release

Before the season is out, Path of Exile will put a person about the moon… or maybe a content patch in everyone’s launcher. Probably the latter, as game studios are falling behind inside space race.
In a brief post, Grinding Gear Games POE Items informed players that Patch 2.5 are going to be coming out either on December 2nd or 9th with both quite a job league and many additional content. While it’s not much of a full-fledged expansion, there ought to be enough to maintain PoE players happy and occupied to the holiday season.
“This may also mark the state release of our new DirectX 11/64 bit Path of Exile game client,” Grinding Gear said. “We’ve been working not easy to make without doubt both it as well as the regular DirectX 9 version run as quickly as possible. It’s a huge improvement.”

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