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14 сентября 2018 г. 04:48

Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish tournament rekindled debate over player vetting

This wasn’t the very first time Taimou demonstrated toxic behavior on stream, nor was it the past. The team took disciplinary action, but Taimou remains on Dallas Fuel’s active roster. Blizzard never addressed how past actions, including outside from the game, make a difference a professional player’s active role using a team’s roster.
The more these incidents occur, the greater scrutiny Fortnite Items we're able to see being positioned on players’ histories.  It’s an issue that Riot Games, the developer and publisher behind League of Legends, learned during the period of working for the League of Legends Championship Series for decades. Chris Greeley, Championship Series league commissioner, told Polygon that player behavior, good reputation for toxicity and recurring attitudes are typically key factors in determining whether a new player can participate inside the tournament.
Greeley acknowledged that “Reddit watches everything.” If a player occurs to do something on their particular personal stream, there’s a fairly good chance it will land in front of an individual at Riot somehow. Greeley said they keep a eye on what the neighborhood is referring to, so that in Fortnite Items for sale case a streamer is “venting or becoming toxic or becoming homophobic or just being racist” on stream, it’s something the c's at Riot will spot “whether we’re watching the stream at that time or not.”
Past issues — items that come up any time a player or streamer’s name is typed into Google — do are likely involved in perception folks have toward a league or team. xQc was recognized for his outbursts before he joined the Dallas Fuel and Overwatch League, but having a whole new platform and spotlight only brought more focus to his behavior. Same with Taimou.
“You also should worry around the actions that could possibly have ramifications to your aspirations about the road”

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