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15 сентября 2018 г. 04:23

Permanent hair removal method using SHR technology

1. When can I treat?

Whether you choose the IPL method or the SHR method, permanent hair removal can only be done during the active growth phase (growth phase) of the hair. At this stage, the concentration of melanin is highest and the hair is firmly bonded to the root. About one-third of the hair on the body is always at this stage so that during treatment, about 20% of the hair roots are permanently destroyed by the pulsed light.

2. How many treatment appointments do I need?

In order to get the best results from OPT SHR hair removal machine, you should have at least six to eight treatments, four to eight weeks apart. However, it must be remembered that success depends on the density and color of the hair and the number of individual hairs that are in an active growth phase. In this regard, the number of individual meetings is very personal.

3. How long does the personal treatment session last?

It depends on the area of ​​the body to be treated. For the upper lip, the duration of treatment can vary from a few minutes, and for the entire body, the duration of treatment can range from half an hour to more than an hour below the thigh. Compared to our IPL technology, SHR processing time is reduced.

4. What is the role of skin color in the success of treatment?

Unlike the IPL method, all skin types can be treated with the SHR method, including tanning skin.

5. What must be considered before or after treatment?

Regardless of whether you choose the IPL or SHR method, you should not pluck, depilate or wax for two weeks before the start of treatment because the connection between the hair and the root should not be disturbed. Treatment is performed on the previously shaved skin. The skin should not be applied to the skin before treatment. Deodorant should not be used on the day of treatment. After treatment, it is recommended that you apply aloe vera cream because the skin will be a little irritating and dry.

IMPORTANT: A large amount of water should be taken a few days before treatment. You should not spend time in the sun or use the solarium immediately before and after treatment. Swimming, sauna and hot water baths should also be avoided immediately after treatment. These are additional attractions that can cause the skin to turn red or hot.

6. Is there a guarantee for "permanent hair removal"?

Humans have millions of hair follicles, a large part of which is always dormant in the skin. Therefore, even if the treatment area still has no hair after the treatment is completed, hormone surge, pregnancy, menopause or aging may occasionally activate the growth of new hair. Therefore, no one can guarantee that treatment will bring 100% lifelong success. Currently, SHR treatment represents the safest, gentlest, fastest and most effective permanent hair removal method is used for a sufficient period of time.

Suppliers without respect can guarantee permanent hair removal.

For information on how to choose a good quality and efficient IPL OPT SHR machine, you can always contact us at sk-eily.com. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of laser and IPL beauty equipment. With 10 years of experience, we not only sell to you. Beauty equipment also provides training and technical support, I hope we can start our long-term business as soon as possible!


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