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12 августа 2017 г. 07:57, г. Werl, Германия Смотреть на карте

Beckham and Scholes do not have to Madden Coins

For the wealthy countries of the  NBA Live Mobile Coins Arab countries, this is not a big problem. If the acquisition is successful, Gary Neville may be standing on the front desk as head coach. He is the 92 generation of captain, has long been expressed intention to coach Manchester United, now has become the England team assistant coach. Among the other few people, Philip Neville is now Moyes's assistant, Giggs is the locker room big brother,


Beckham and Scholes do not have to Madden Coins say that the power of the six groups enough to settle all the contradictions, so that Manchester United a new look The Imagine if Manchester United can represent the historical background of the golden generation and the perfect combination of Arab wealthy funds, the Premier League pattern will usher in a big change, do not say anything else, the annual Manchester City Derby will become a "Manchester Gulf War"


The (Sand) Qatar people will be shot it? From Chelsea to Manchester City, and then to Paris Saint-Germain, behind these newly emerging tyrannical, have the oil rich figure. So, will Manchester United become the next one? Manchester United in the Middle East area of ??great influence, which is almost every year they go to the region to play warm-up match important reason.


It is reported that the Qatar consortium has long been interested in the acquisition of Manchester United, but after the death of the family is not selling, the Qatar people turn to the acquisition of the big Paris. Qatar's wealthy keen on football is also a reason, they want to 2022 World Cup before the improvement of their own football image.


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