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14 июня 2018 г. 06:19

Football Federation said on Maplestory Mesos

LIMA/SAO PAULO, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Peru's team doctor said strict Maplestory Mesos controls on what they gave their players meant there was no way they could have administered the stimulant that led FIFA to ban captain Paolo Guerrero from two crucial World Cup playoff matches against New Zealand.Guerrero tested positive for a stimulant after the Argentina-Peru match on Oct. 5 and was given a preliminary 30-day suspension, the Peruvian.




Football Federation said on Friday.The ban means he is almost certain to miss the first leg against New Zealand in Wellington on Nov. 11 and the return match in Lima four days later. The winner of the tie will secure a place in next year's World Cup Finals in Russia.




"At the national team, we are aware of what anti-doping cheap Maplestory Items control is," doctor Julio Segura told Peru's Radio Nacional late on Friday. "So we don't use any substances that produce doping (results). It's a shame what happened with Paolo but I am sure there was no problem from our side."




The ban is a huge blow to Peru, who are hoping to reach the World Cup Finals for the first time since 1982.Guerrero, 33, is the team captain and talisman, with his 32 goals in 83 appearances one of the main reasons the South American side are so close to a fifth finals appearance.His suspension has provoked consternation in Peru, with even the country's president weighing in."

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