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12 марта 2019 г. 06:25

Corrosion resistant liquid pump under the detailed description

Liquid pump production enterprises Corrosion resistant liquid pump, as the name suggests, is able to transport all kinds of corrosive liquid pump class general name, because there is no universal material, so corrosion resistant liquid pump can be divided into metal pump and non-metal pump, their use is attributed to one point: corrosion resistance. In the case of corrosion resistant liquid, the pump is connected with the pump shaft by a motor through a coupling, which drives the impeller to rotate. Of impeller blade forcing the liquid, the liquid to do work, allow it to increase energy, liquid under the action of centrifugal force, the impeller thrown around, through the pump body of volute flow velocity can be turned into pressure can, when fluid has thrown in the impeller, the impeller of the pressure is lower than the water tube, a new liquid under the action of pressure difference, suction impeller, liquid is continuously from escaping from the pump. Hydraulic pump according to the different length into the container and made of specifications. The working part of the hydraulic pump is submerged in the liquid. The axial and radial forces generated by the pump operation are supported by the rolling bearing and the sliding bearing respectively. So the operation is quiet and noiseless. No liquid splashing in shaft seal. There is a cooling system in the sealing packing place, which can take away the heat with cooling water according to the temperature of the medium used by the user. read more:

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