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13 марта 2018 г. 17:56

Wooden floor is easy to accumulate dust

Cork flooring is easier to maintain than other wood floors, it is more resistant to abrasion and can resist fine sand, but it is also not advisable to bring too much dirt into the sand, which will still cause flow wear.

Cork flooring use three or five years if the local wear and tear, you can re-add a coating on the wear, both in the wear gently sandpaper, remove the dirt on the surface, and then gently wipe with a soft dry cloth , Re-coating the coating, or at the local coating polyester film.

For the surface of the painted cork flooring, the maintenance of the same with the solid wood flooring, usually six months to play a floor wax on it. Cork flooring with a hard wearing layer on the surface is as easy to care for as a laminate floor. Avoid hot water cup and other items directly on the floor temperature, so as not to burn the surface film.

At the same time should try to avoid direct sunlight for a long time the floor, so as to avoid long-term intense ultraviolet radiation of the film, premature chap and aging. Do not wash, polish, or cleanse with decontamination while maintaining the floor. Avoid the strong impact on the floor, carrying furniture to lift the benefits, can not be directly drag, furniture legs need cushion.

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