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13 марта 2018 г. 10:36

Moisture on the wooden floor there is no problem

Keep the floor in good humidity. Bamboo charcoal because of the dual role of moisture absorption and moisture (two-way humidity), can make the floor in the long-term use will not crack in winter, the floor moisture will not be too humid mildew; in the rainy season this effect is even more significant.

Bamboo charcoal can be used to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, molds, mites, cockroaches, and termites. The floor after laying bamboo charcoal can be protected from the erosion of termites and other borers for a long time. Can improve the overall indoor environment, regulate indoor humidity, and release negative oxygen ions. You can directly adsorb the floor after the renovation of toxic residual gas.

For the edge of the wall, under the windowsill, at the entrance, floor and floor tiles need to focus on the location of the laying, in accordance with the standard amount to operate. Because of these parts, some humidity or humidity changes, the life of the ridge, the use of the floor are very large.

Such as the windowsill, when it rains, the humidity is relatively high, and when it is sunny, it becomes dry and hot again; for example, the water vapor from the outer wall will infiltrate and cause adverse effects on the ridge; if the floor is low, The moisture on the ground will also penetrate through the concrete. Therefore, these locations are the places where bamboo charcoal should be laid emphasis on and need to be paved according to the standard. In severe cases, the laying of bamboo charcoal will exceed the standard amount to achieve the desired result.

"piquets de garde-corps en teck,precast concrete wall panels,how much per square foot for outside deck"

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