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7 декабря 2017 г. 17:40

general disinfectants, general

black due to the function of descaling liquid, but it will not affect the normal use. After washing several times, the clothes can be restored to their original condition. Regular cleaning of the washing machine is also a good way to maintain the washing machine. Daily needs to be kept clean Home washing machines are generally every 2 to 3 months to conduct a clean disinfection, you can use the

general disinfectants, general disinfectants, bleach or descaling solution such as dew, Wei Lu Shi and so on. usually the best clothes, sheets separately washed, underwear and socks try to use hand wash, you can also use about 50 �� hot water washing. washing machines do not put in wet places, such as bathrooms, bathrooms, etc. are not suitable for washing machines. wash clothes

immediately after the clothes out to dry. under the drain must be higher than the drain pipe, water can not be left in the drain. do not have to take off the filter bag to dry in the outside, let it fully dry. washing clothes can try to dry inside and outside the washing machine. Can prevent the washing machine aging, but also to prevent breeding mold. The above is introduced to you on the washing

decking paint or stain
used tongue and groove porch flooring
attaching picket fence to wood deck

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