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7 декабря 2017 г. 09:20

if you do not pay attention to daily cleaning

Washing machine is dedicated to washing clothes, household appliances, is our home woman's little helper. But it also brings us easy convenience, it also very easy to hide dirt, it is equivalent to a sewer, the dirt inside, we generally difficult to see, if you do not pay attention to daily cleaning, washing clothes worn on the body is likely to Cause itchy skin, allergies and other issues, then how to

clean the washing machine it? Follow together to see it. The washing machine mezzanine is really like a sewer, and its dirt is made up of five types of rubbish: 1, Scale made up of calcium ions and calcium carbonate in tap water; 2, Freezer for laundry detergent (soap powder); 3, ; 4, the human body's organic matter; 5, clothing into the gray matter and bacteria and other substances. These

hodgepodge firmly attached to the washing machine sandwich, at room temperature breeding, fermentation, washing clothes will contaminate the human body. Some people itchy skin allergies, washing machines are mostly blamed. In order to kill the bacteria hidden inside the washing machine, the washing machine must be cleaned. How to clean the washing machine, give you a brief

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