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7 декабря 2017 г. 05:55

Shortcoming of coil type furnace

In recent years, with the rapid development of petroleum chemical industry, the technology of tubular furnace has attracted more and more attention. Tube furnace is one of the most important invention in the history of oil refining, therefore, to learn and master the basic principle and knowledge of tube furnace and heating furnace to operate correctly, strengthen the research, and summarizes the management experience, has a very important significance for the long cycle and high efficiency operation of the device. Some of the shortcomings of the tube furnace are explained below.
(1) there is still a certain limit on the applicability of heavy raw materials
When cracking heavy raw materials, heavy feedstock is easy to coking, so it has to shorten operation cycle, reduce cracking depth, often light coke, shorten the annual effective production time, and also affect the life of cracking furnace and furnace tube. When the cracking depth is reduced, the utilization rate of raw materials is not high, the low value of heavy raw material oil is large, and the cost of public utilities is also increased.
(2) according to the technological requirements of the high temperature for a short time and low hydrocarbon partial pressure, will increase the surface heat strength of furnace tube, alloy pipe which requires high temperature oil and casting technology.

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