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6 декабря 2017 г. 09:24

Production line crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher it combines the essence of the German high-end crusher technology, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and automation technology at an organic whole, with high efficiency, high yield, high quality and high stability of the world-famous crusher market, it is suitable for metal mines, construction sand, cement, metallurgy and other fields of two stage crushing and three stage crushing.

1, adopt a deformation compensation function of cone crusher rolling mortar wall fixtures, using the disc spring group compensation rolling mortar wall deformation of axial deformation and axial extension, avoid the relative rotation between rolling mortar wall and adjustable ring and loose. 2. Using a circular cone crusher, the two - way positive pressure thin oil sealing device is used to completely isolate the dust and lubricating oil over long distance, effectively prevent the mixing of oil dust and prolong the service life of lubricating oil and components. 3, studies the parallel axis cone crusher, can solve the eccentric parts processing difficulties and various parts and equipment inside and outside round Angle difficult problem, break the traditional non eccentric parallel structure, prolong the service life of equipment. 4, using a cone crusher vibration cushion device, vibration damping pads for the connection of composite plate, plate, rubber damping layer, the connection between are adhesive, through the force when the elastic deformation of rubber, can effectively protect the equipment and the service life of the base. 5. Using two - way hydraulic cylinder and chase diameter tubing, when the equipment has occurred the iron phenomenon, can provide the support force and the buffer in time, the equipment use is more secure. 6. Intelligent electrical control system can ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the equipment, and timely process the alarm information. 7. It adopts laminated crushing to replace the traditional single particle crushing and the selective crushing of materials. The material is extruded in many ways in the broken cavity, which can be fully broken and broken.

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