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14 ноября 2017 г. 06:57

Bamboo floor processing precision

In the case of stubborn stains, should use a neutral cleaning solvent wipe and then wring the cotton swab wipe, do not use acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline and other organic solvents scrub. In order to maintain the appearance of real flooring and extend the life of the paint.

It is recommended to wax twice a year, wipe the floor before waxing, and then apply a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface, and wipe with a soft cloth after a little dry until smooth and bright.

If inadvertently a large area flooding or local long time being soaked in water, if there is water stagnation should promptly dry with a dry cloth, and let it dry naturally, the use of electric heater drying or exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited.

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