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16 сентября 2017 г. 06:28

Analysis of Seven Misunderstandings in Wood Plastic Floor Selection

1. laying the shop when the big core board: some consumers in order to too much pursuit of foot feeling, in the keel on the layer of thick board. In fact,mildew proof wood composites decking america the quality of large core board is very different, poor quality large core board will affect the quality of wood flooring pavement. Therefore, if consumers have to seek too high sense of foot, we must choose the market selling brand-name plate products.

2. only re-purchase is not heavy pavement: wood plastic floor has a direct paste method, keel shop idea, floating shop idea,pvc marine carpet no matter what kind of shop ideas, certainly choose a good construction team, confrontation "six not shop" That is, the wall is wet and wet, the ground is not dry, not bend the whole shop; confused construction does not shop; the use of inferior materials do not shop; overdue schedule, can not implement the process is not shop; invented the product quality problems do not shop; shop.

3. not the same as usual maintenance: some consumers think that the wood flooring do not need too much maintenance, with a mop to directly wash the floor, the heating dripping on the heartwood panel wood waste, and so on, the flooring products are prone to discoloration, deformation, Gaps and other issues. The use of wood flooring, certainly according to the requirements of manufacturers regularly nursed back to the floor.

4. Wooden flooring is not environmentally friendly: there are consumers that the natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with multi-layer veneer between the veneer,weather best composite decking sale oak wood flooring formaldehyde content is higher, not environmentally friendly. In fact, wood plastic floor formaldehyde release as long as the control in the national scale delineation of the scope, you can rest assured that use.

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