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11 августа 2017 г. 13:47

a wooden door

Cultural doors of the life of a wooden door to their own unique ideas and design concepts, to conquer these aesthetic requirements of relatively high engineering designers, so that products frequently debut in the celebrity of the famous project. Mr. Liu Jian, general manager of the wood industry, will own a unique understanding of the design and production of the doors, and Outdoor Deck Boards Distributor the industry to share. "Facade" the word, fully illustrates the door in addition to anti-theft, noise, cover ugly and other functions, but also have other more deep things - culture, art.

Because the doors themselves are decorative arts products. In fact, decorative products is a crystallization of cultural and artistic products, and as an important part of the decoration - wooden doors, also contains profound cultural heritage, and with the improvement of people's cultural life, more and more demanding aesthetic ideas. Wooden doors, related to art, structure, materials, color and other Building Stairs for a Deck on Uneven Ground factors, the essence of the door or reflected in the ideas and culture.

Decorative doors must match the style of decoration. In the civil decoration, the decorative style is nothing more than Chinese classical style, European style, European style, pastoral style, Hong Kong style, Nordic decoration style, modern decoration style, personality decoration style and so on. Choose decorative composite foam rock siding wooden doors, must be matched with the above decorative style, in order to achieve coherence, totally natural aesthetic effect. Branch of the wood developed to adapt to a variety of decorative style of the door, such as Anchang Corridor is a modern European style, with a circle, lines to build a European style of mood.

Branch of the wood design of a number of unique wooden doors, and give it a rich cultural connotation of the name, such as the following paragraph: golden wall brilliant, eternal eternity, life - movement, the Queen, backgammon, respect, more than every year, The style of design and cultural connotation for the industry unheard of, see the doors have not seen, has been in the traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere for hundreds of thousands of years, the accumulation of a very thick cultural and artistic background. In the past, the study of Chinese wood culture and art in the past millennium has combined with the development direction of contemporary Chinese and western wooden doors, and the design innovation of Chinese clear awning curtains for a cafe wooden doors has been promoted to a new height.

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