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11 августа 2017 г. 06:38

building materials

U-PVC steel doors and windows is a new type of chemical building materials, is the wooden doors and windows, steel windows and doors, aluminum doors and windows after the fourth generation of energy-saving windows and doors, the Ministry of Construction recommended the use of high-quality energy-saving products. Plastic doors and windows are made of laminate composite floor in the uk plastic profiles cut, fitted with reinforced steel after welding, and then installed on the seal, tops, hardware and other accessories made of.

Because of its beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, water tightness and good insulation, easy maintenance, etc., more and more Teak Decking Boards people of all ages. In recent years, the momentum of development is extremely rapid, but the development is too fast and easy to ignore many hidden problems.

And the market is quite mixed, what quality levels are, the general customer 100% Recyclable Waterproof Outdoor WPC decking understanding of its performance is not enough, in the absence of any testing tools, not familiar with its performance, especially for how to identify the quality of steel doors and windows of the method did not grasp the case of purchase, And sometimes inevitably deceived. Plastic doors and windows of the profile quality should observe the appearance of the profile, pay attention to the composition of the doors and windows of waterproof plywood for boat the box and fan profiles are the same color, appearance is uniform, the cavity distribution is reasonable.

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