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11 августа 2017 г. 05:04

Stainless steel thick-walled tube manufacturer

Month domestic steel industry PMI index was 54.9%, up 0.8 percentage points last month, for 3 consecutive months in more than 50% expansion range, and hit a new high since May 2016, showing the steel industry boom at a high level, the current Steel City overall supply and demand situation continues to improve.High quality 304 stainless steel seamless pipe Industry insiders said that environmental protection combined with the demand side in mid to late August will usher in the steel consumption season, is expected late "gold nine silver ten" steel purchase volume will remain high, steel prices remain volatile shocks.1.5mm Thick Stainless Steel Checkered Plate 304 In view of the current rare earth market offer disorder, hoard goods odd phenomenon, August 8, the national rare earth asked six rare earth group must strengthen the industry self-discipline, maintenance industry production and operation order, in strict accordance with the total production of rare earth control plan to do a good job , The price of selling products, and jointly promote the healthy and healthy development of rare earth market.bobina de acero inoxidable precio - EastasiaMetal August 9, rare earth prices continue to rise. , For the current price trend, the main reason is the reduction in supply, the upper reaches of many companies in a shutdown state.No.1 finish 304 stainless steel sheet

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