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17 мая 2018 г. 11:20

FIFA 19 Player: Who will have a FIFA Cards This Year? Part 4

Messi is as good as ever at the age of 30.

The legendary No10 has 26 goals in 27 games in The League - and 38 out of 44 through all competitions.

Although he has received many updates this term, his standard card is still 93.

When you think Ronaldo's out-of-goods is at 94, this seems a bit. EA needs to do the right thing and bumpi Messi up to at least 94th rating.

Dribbling must have at least 97 while passing, without a doubt, should be far higher than 86 (EA has always given the Argentine lower figures in this department).

Ciro Immovable

Club: Lazio

Lazio won goals to entertain this season and many things to this man.

The success of the 28-year is really something to see - 26 goals in 27 games in Series A.

Add to the mix handler in the Europa League and Coppa Italia and you have one of the world's leading strikers now.

We would wait for an increase to at least 85 - with explosions quickly, firing and dribbling to improve their attacking demonstration.


Club: PSG

The Brazilian was in a blistering form for PSG since Boat's move.

At 92 in FIFA 18, he can wait to climb a point to hit 93.

Bumps in rhythm and dribbling, though small, will make sure he remains one of the game's most deadly attackers.

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