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25.05.2018 06:41
Смотреть 'FIFA 18 Tutorial: The Best FIFA 18 Finishing Tutorial'
Line Of Sight Is Important

Regardless of your shot type and power, you need a clear line of sight for the best shot. Obviously if someone is right in front of you, they’ll block your shot.

But you ever wonder how those long range wondergoals from crappy players go in, even from crappy players?

It’s a mixture of bad keepers and line of sight. If you have a clear path to goal and power your shots correctly with decent aiming, the ball will simply go in. You can score 25 yarders with pretty much everyone, even your GK or bronze players.

Body Shape And Movement Speed Is Important

If you shoot the ball at a full sprint, it becomes harder to time the aiming and power. You carry your momentum into your shots,


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25.05.2018 05:37
Смотреть '2018 FIFA World Cup: Portugal vs Spain Part 2'

The only group without a former World Champion is Group H, which is formed by Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the course ceremony at the Kremlin, seven years after landing of the hosting rights. Putin urged fans to visit and enjoy their "big and multi-faceted" country, a collection that follows concerns of racism and hooliganism.

"We will do everything to make it an important sporting festival," said Putin, hoping ahead of the World Cup of "friendship and fair game, values that do not change over time."

The Olympic doping scandal around Russia hung over the final countdown to the draw. The


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23.05.2018 05:56
Смотреть 'World Cup 2018: Why We Care about the Football Kits Part 7'

Another throwback is Belgium's kit.

Belgium carried a distinctive red, black and yellow bow design through a white panel in the 1984 European Championship.

Throughout the decades, Belgium's kit was designed by many manufacturers, but Devlin says Adidas is the company that may have liked the side with the most stylistic. The design of the red, black and yellow silver of the country through the white panel of the European Championship in 1984 has disappeared in history as one of the best - thanks to its unusual design.

Belgium's World Cup in Russia is a leader of the 1984 version.
This year it returns, but without the white panel.


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21.05.2018 06:55
Смотреть 'How to Score Every Single Long-Range Shot?'

Having problems scoring worldies in FIFA 18? Then these tips are for you.

There are two types of long shots – the finesse and the power shots. Remember, always try to perform finesse shots with the player’s dominant foot.

With long power shots, only use the weak foot if your player has a three star weak foot rating.

Finesse shots

These are the most overpowered shots in the game – and are lethal when in the right position.

When you’re just outside the box, as per the below screenshot, you’re going to need at least two and half bars of power.


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21.05.2018 05:15
Смотреть 'World Cup 2018: Why We Care about the Football Kits Part 5'
Croatia, 1998

Then is the famous Croatian red and white spot spot - immediately recognizable and unlike anyone else in soccer.

The Croatia had a wonderful red and white cooked kit at the 1998 World Cup.
During each kitone the design was incorporated - based on the Croatian weapon, the Sahovnica - the 1998-based Kit designed by Especially is among the fans.
Not only for being the kit the young country was taking third place in their first World Cup, but also to capture the unforgettable game by Davor Suker who went on to win the Golden Ship after winning six goals in seven matches.
Cameroon suit suit


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17.05.2018 11:20
Смотреть 'FIFA 19 Player: Who will have a FIFA Cards This Year? Part 4'

Messi is as good as ever at the age of 30.

The legendary No10 has 26 goals in 27 games in The League - and 38 out of 44 through all competitions.

Although he has received many updates this term, his standard card is still 93.

When you think Ronaldo's out-of-goods is at 94, this seems a bit. EA needs to do the right thing and bumpi Messi up to at least 94th rating.

Dribbling must have at least 97 while passing, without a doubt, should be far higher than 86 (EA has always given the Argentine lower figures in this department).

Ciro Immovable

Club: Lazio


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15.05.2018 10:06
Смотреть 'World Cup 2018: Why We Care about the Football Kits Part 2'
Symbolic of moments in history
"It's a subjective thing, soccer t-shirts. Some people look at something and say it's beautiful, while other people will say it's shocking," says Doug Bierton, who has set up Classic Soccer Shirts, the largest collection of original kit .
And while it's a subjective issue, with the time the shirts - whether good or bad - become symbols of moments in history. They often recall the unforgettable moments of the World Cup, not only on the pitch, but also in their personal lives.

LAW: The beginning of a new era for Serbian soccer

Later and now: Manufacturers turned and redesigned some of the most embroidered shirts for this year's World Cup.


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13.04.2018 12:43

Sliding tackle

The sliding tackle is much more difficult than other defense methods, fifa coins review the key is to have distance and speed of anticipation.

Generally the time of the intercept, it is you and the ball players run side by side, and the other is suddenly the ball out from foot, perhaps it’s for accelerating or changing to, then you toward the opposing to fly tackle in the direction of the shovel ball movement.

This is a different way to judge a down point between flying tackle and forcing. The force is chasing the direction of the player, while the shovel is the ball. The reason for this is that if you go after someone, it’s a foul. The following is a flying shovel that goes straight to the person, it’s not advisable unless intentional foul.


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01.12.2016 08:26

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FUT is a game methodology that enables you to form your own personal club. you'll be able to choose 2 product a label and a banner banner to form it exclusive. though not sometimes is straightforward to decide on among various choices. we tend to turn out your work easier, indicating the twenty five greatest kits to use in FIFA 17 ultimate Team. realize sensible and therefore the most authentic trying FIFA 17 packages out!

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The Best FIFA 17 Kits

A graphic identity throughout the season consists of 3 components: kit, marker and name. you'll be able to additionally confirm a baseball and a arena for your club however that is not however your opponents


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15.11.2016 12:16

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