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22.01.2018 08:53

As we know,  Harry Kane from Tottenham was voted ahead by athletes, media and members of EA Sports FIFA community in their annual best team in the world.

Ronaldo,Messi and Kane were name the attackers in FIFA 18’s TOTY. where to buy fifa coins automatically It based on the performances their actually in the real-life during 2017 and votes from athletes,media and members of EA Sports FIFA community.

Most gamer thought that Neymar will be a winner in the TOTY ballot,he has starred for PSG following a stunning summer move from Barca.

Despite leading PSG to the Champions League's Round of 16 and to first place in Ligue 1, reliable and cheap places to buy coins Neymar failed to make the top three behind former team-mate Messi and 2017 Ballon d'Or winner Ronaldo.


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05.01.2018 08:57

In FIFA 17 a lot of PC version players will encounter some problems such as open the game, it did not respond, black screen and some other issues, when running the game. Then how to solve it?  a good site for fut coins would like to help you solve it because we may meet the same problems in FIFA 18.

1. Turn on the start interface, click start. If the game did not respond, the game can not come out.

Solution: This problem is ecause of basically the graphics card driver is too low. Just update to the latest graphics driver. The most important thing is in the graphics settings, the 17 program should be added to the high-performance graphics setting.

2, After the start of the game, the screen is black. A few seconds later, it automaticly exit from the


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15.12.2017 11:29

If you have decided to buy coins for the FIFA game then you will find a lot of retailers who will sell your Fifa coins, but you should keep in mind what you need to select the best option, sell fifa 18 coins because there is a huge risk of getting ripped off. This article provides you with some useful tips that will help you figure out how to avoid getting ripped-off and how to get the most out of what you paid.buy Fifa Coins

Choosing the best retailer

Choosing the best retailer is the number one thing that you need to figure out. We will provide you with a couple of Fifa coins sellers that we found to be pretty good and that are not a scam. The first one is goldah.com. This page offers the best services when it comes to buying FIFA coins. They have a completely automated system that will provide you with your coins in a matter of seconds, instead


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05.12.2017 11:50

Avid gamers of FIFA 18 now can find the new update being available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.  Gamers can be able to access some alterations in Ultimate Team and it is how a goalkeeper reacts in the matches. where to buy fifa coins There is also the inclusion of identification of referee, aerial alterations along with other tweaks.  The current gamers of FIFA 18 can avail cheap fifa coins from the professional online gaming house to seize the early hand in the very beginning of the game. 

According to EA, the new patch completes an issue in which referees might sometimes incorrectly prize a penalty during the time of overcoming a header by a defender.  However, there is a collision with an invading player. The reduction of time makes a goalkeeper recuperate from a save. Moreover, there is also the fixation of retrieving a loose ball after a rebound. It also resolves an issue in which


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03.11.2017 12:34

What is a TOTT card?

The TOTT cards celebrate the player performances from Europe’s biggest club competitions: The Champions League and the Europa League. fifa coins store reviews www.fifa-coins.com They are released two times: the Team of the Group Stage and the Team of the Knockout Stage. You will be able to find these cards in packs or on the transfer market, just like the TOTW cards of those weeks.

The FIFA 18 Team of the Tournament Cards become available in packs for one week. During this period, they replace the corresponding regular cards. In other words, in the day a player gets his TOTGS or TOTKS card in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling a TOTT card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player in another day.

If you own the regular card of a player elected TOTT, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the


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19.10.2017 10:32

New FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups Squad Building Challenges - Week 5 is live in FIFA Ultimate Team, did you invest right and earn fifa 18 coins? Here fifacoinsreviews.com share the potential FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups SBC Predictions for next week (October 24 -25), what FUT 18 Marquee Matchups squad building challenges can you invest? Aston Villa v Birmingham, Panathinaikos v Olympicacos, AI Nassr v AI Hilal, Porto Boavista? 

The Second City Derby

Aston Villa - Birmingham - players are still going for 300-400 coins on open bid as of this morning. I thought this was a lock on - but gotten a lot of good feedback on this post and through PMs that makes me re-think my logic here. As before, I'd suggest you keep a couple in your club to do it incase, but def not a lock on investment.


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28.09.2017 10:27

It is time to start thinking about your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team before FIFA 18 release at September 29, such as your best FIFA 18 starter team, which team you will build? How to get FUT 18 Coins fast to help your FIFA 18 career off to the right start? Here, http://www.fifacoinsreviews.com/fifacoin-reviews would share the 4 best way to make FIFA 18 Coins fast at the begining of FIFA 18, hope this FIFA 18 guide can help you. And remember, the FIFA 18 Demo release on September 15! 

Step 1: Find hidden in-demand players

Don't go for strikers and midfielders, rather find a player in ‘less popular’ positions such as left or right back. Just like in real world stocks, it's all about demand and supply.

A tip is to start your hunt in the Premier League before moving to La Liga.

Step 2: Calculate the post-tax Buy-It-Now price


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19.09.2017 10:05

Success is worthy of recognition, especially in the sport of all endeavors. And a combination of the real-world success and the FIFA 18's new rating system means good news for the Indian football team, buy cheapest fifa coins per sources with Sportskeeda.

One of the features that will be changed significantly is the rating system, which is a good news for the Indian football team. The Indian team has had a good performance  this year, according to sources, which could have prompted EA Sports to boost the team’s overall rating to 2.5, which is an obstacle that they have never surpassed before.

According to OneIndia, the real-world team on the cusp of breaching broke through the region's best FIFA rating in history, breaking the 94 points set in 1996 due to the recent successes. The next FIFA ranking takes place on July 6, ans should take into account the recent victories in Kyrgyzstan as


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07.09.2017 10:01

This time gamers can find a good number of paths to play FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. There is the highest ending season perhaps for the most well liked mode in FIFA. Gamers can go through all the paths as they can play and gain prizes to make construct the dream squad of gamer in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Coin is the in-game currency of gameplay of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and gamers require coins to collect the best available players to make a superb FUT 18. Alleviating the dire needs of coin, gamer can avail fut coins buy from the prominent as well as professional online gaming house.

Gamers require finishing the dynamic daily and weekly objectives in game. buy fut 18 coins review Alternatively, there is the new companion app to gain great prizes in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Between squad management goals and dynamic in-match confrontations, there are harder challenges and better prizes to be gained. As a gamer, one requires constructing squads from the players in his club to finish


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29.06.2017 12:19

When EA first revealed that FIFA will come to Nintendo Switch, the first question many fans asked is: which version of FIFA? Then it was confirmed that it would be FIFA 18.

We have found that the Switch version will not run on the same engine, nor does it include the Journey, FIFA's story mode, but the problem is deeper than those. The first time to play FIFA 18 on Switch, obviously this is definitely not FIFA 18.

From the character model to the feeling of the dribbling, almost all the feeling  quite far removed from FIFA 18 on PS4 and Xbox One. This may be the closest action to FIFA 15 or 16's gameplay in its on-pitch action--a little quicker both to respond and to move, and given that I am not a huge fan of FIFA 18 in the preview phase, this is probably a good thing.

In addition to that, it feels quite functional and as a competent FIFA port that you can actually expect


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