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11 августа 2017 г. 10:48

It's the peak of the baseball NBA Live Mobile Coins

It's the peak of the baseball season, according to people that think important things about NBA Live Mobile Coins sports. The reasoning goes like this: The NFL is still weeks away from starting the ever-interesting pre-season where we can watch starters play a down; the NBA is over, finally (finally!); and the NHL is also over, for both of you that watch it, and well, nothing else is on.


Why do baseball ratings continue to trend downward? Matchups aren't as good, but why does Fox's baseball coverage keep dropping in the ratings despite a move to primetime?Wait: That's obviously nonsense, since the peak of every sport's season is its playoffs and postseason play. The problem, according to Steve LePore of


SB Nation, is that Major League Baseball's ratings are down in a big way. Couple this with attendance going down and it's hard not to wonder, is baseball dying? Or at least unwell?Some reasons LePore offers are smart. He cites the lack of big-market matchups, baseball fans becoming more tribal, ratings dropping in New York (thanks, Yankees!), over-saturation.


Saturday TV sucks, Sunday TV rules, people are sick of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry being pushed on them, and perhaps most salient, baseball doesn't have must-win games during the season (at least until September). All of that adds up to the question posed to our roundtable today.


Rob Neyer and Grant Brisbee from Baseball Nation and Buy NBA Live Coins Steven Goldman from sbnation.com/MLB joined me to try and answer...Does baseball need to be a national-interest sport?(The following transcript has been edited for clarity.)It all started when I noticed a nice re-tweet from our friend Craig Calcaterra of Hardball - https://www.mtnba2k.com

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