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11 февраля 2018 г. 08:58

Well for them out West But poe currency for James

Well for them out West But poe currency for James it's not just the regular season it's the next three rounds too Sure Miami and Cleveland have had a couple tough series mixed into the past six years but in the past six years James has been to only two Game s and three Game s prior to the finals That's right all other series were over in five games or


fewerThe Eastern Conference has been the inferior one for years and it shows This type of success wouldn't be as readily available if James were to take his talents to the West which it doesn't seem like he'll ever do at this point But as the Cavaliers eviscerate their petition for a second straight season James' dominance has never been


more apparent Even with his jumper failing him and his game being as one dimensional as it has ever been you still can't stop him Cleveland's clicking at an almost supernatural level A potential finals series against the Warriors would still have Golden State favored you'd have to assume but look at the way the Cavaliers have carefully


and brutally dismantled teams this postseason cheap poe currency and that's anything but a safe bet The Warriors have mastered their craft but the Cavaliers are healthy If there was ever a team to disrupt Golden State's inevitability if Oklahoma City isn't that roster and they probably aren't then a LeBron Jamesled squad would be itAgain six straight finals


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