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16 апреля 2018 г. 05:11

Professional gamblers firmly believe that lightning will win

The 52nd Super Bowl has become a NFL Coins remembrance. We still vividly remember the scene that occurred at that magical night. The 53rd Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta in February 2019. A few days ago, Las Vegas bookmakers have updated the odds for the winning teams. The league’s overlord New England Patriots still ranks first, but according to professional gambler R.J. White, this year he is more optimistic about LA Lightning.

In the new odds list, the Patriots ranked first in 1 loss, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers 1 lost 8, the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles also lost 8 and Steel tied for second.

If you want to bet now, don't rush. Let's listen to what professional gambler RJ White thinks. Mr. White succeeded in winning the Eagles last season and it was not a fluke. He won the 2015 Super Bowl Championship. I guessed it right before the start of the season. Maybe in the NFL's circle, White has no say, but when NFL and gambling are related, White has become an expert of the NFL. He has been studying the NFL's data statistics and dealings in recent years. History can even be traced back to the 25th Super Bowl. If you want to put money on the NFL, find him right.

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