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6 декабря 2017 г. 05:56

Milik Hope to stay in Naples

Naples striker Milik said in Cheap FIFA 18 Coins an interview that he hopes he can stay in Naples.

Milik had once again suffered severe cruciate ligament tear, there is news that Naples may lease Mirik to Chievo to recover. In an interview a few days ago, Melik said: "I hope things will get better and better." The most important month will be in May. able to celebrate League Champion. "

"It feels good to work with those who support you every day, and when I come back? I focus on everyday work." It's hard to give a specific time, but I just will not say it. " Serie A is the most important winner for the fans, clubs and us and we will do our best to win that honor, and we know how important this championship is to the city and the fans. "

"Where will I go in January?" Now that's a very early question, I will talk to the chair, manager and sports director. "I think I will stay in Naples, but it's still early to say that."

"Competitors? Serie A has a lot of great teams and we are respecting them very much, but both."

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