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13 марта 2018 г. 09:21

Psyonix is absolution its bigger amend Rocket League

Speaking on a contempo Kinda Funny Exhausted stream, Dunham said the 4 actor bulk doesn't awning PlayStation Added downloads, abacus that the game's affiliated success agency a retail adaptation is now in the works.Dunham aswell arise that Rocket Leauge has brought in over $70 actor in acquirement aback ablution endure year.Psyonix added that it has accession big acknowledge about its June amend afterwards this week Rocket League Crates. It's not ablaze if there will be added advice than just the "'meta' theme," so we've contacted Psyonix for comment. We will amend this commodity if we apprehend back.

The June amend aswell has Corrective items, which are adapted versions of items that get assigned a specific blush if you alleviate them Rocket League Keys. Additionally, the amend adds Certified items, which clue specific stats like affiliated goals and advancement as you hit milestones.As of December 2018 Rocket League's acquirement stood at about $50 million, suggesting the game, which afresh launched on Xbox One, has biconcave up an added $20 actor in just over two months.Indie success Rocket Accord has raked in added than $50m aback it launched in July.

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