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19 ноября 2018 г. 13:26

Injury-riddled 49ers will wait and see what Monday brings

伤病困扰的49人将等待,看看周一带来的旧金山49人队几乎击败洛杉矶充电器女子弗雷德·华纳球衣但无论输赢,比赛是有代价的。乔·斯特利和丹特佩蒂斯留给比赛膝盖受伤并没有返回。马奎斯·古德温去了在一个点上,但后来返回,马特·布雷达下降,但短暂的报复回来,CJ Beathard有风击倒了他对scramble.After的比赛中,主教练凯尔 - 沙纳汉无法提供的更新上佩蒂斯或斯特利的损伤程度。该小组返回到圣克拉拉今晚,和我想象都将接受核磁共振周一。沙纳汉将在傍晚的媒体,在这一点上,我们应该知道它们各自的状态适用于5周和beyond.Shanahan最初担心命中后Beathard满足,但它很快就透露,他刚刚做了风敲出来了。尼克·穆伦斯回暖http://www.the49ersfootballauthentic.com/earl-mitchell-jersey-authentic , but since the play happened on 3rd down, he never needed to go in the game.Weston Richburg suffered an injury early in the game, but gutted it out, as did Mike McGlinchey. Both will likely show up on Wednesday’s injury report as the team just tries to get healthy for Week 5. Shanahan said it was possible the team would find some additional bodies this week to fill out practice, but we’ll wait and see. Expect some player workouts on Tuesday in advance of Wednesday’s first practice of the week.It is interesting to note that the 49ers played D.J. Reed at free safety over Adrian Colbert. While Colbert did get some special teams snaps, the coaching staff thought he missed too much practice time to play in the defensive backfield. Given that Colbert was good to go physically for special teams duties, I imagine he will be back at full-time free safety in Week 5 against Arizona.“He’s a bad ass” — Several teammates describe C.J. Beathard’s toughness There were several times during the 49ers match up facing the Chargers where we all thought C.J. Beathard might be dead. Thankfully, he was not. The second year quarterback has unbelievable resiliency getting up and staying in the game after taking a beating from opposing defenders. After two roughing the quarterback penalties in a row 女子特雷斯·韦州,它几乎是令人惊讶地看到他站在口袋一次。这是更为显着看到他在后面的比赛越来越达成为第一下来在游戏中后期以及后淘汰了他的后挡风。主教练凯尔 - 沙纳汉说,他们不告诉大家不要把自己伤害的方式,但所有他们能做的就是希望最好的。赛后Beathard指出,在同样的情况,“如果我能再次做到这一点,我会做同样的事情。”下面是一些Beathard的队友不得不说的是韧性:迈克·麦格林奇“我对他今天说,在比赛结束之后,他做出了正确的东西的人。他是一个强硬,强硬的家伙,你喜欢和这样和男人和一个家伙,只是将继续为你而战打,并为这支球队。在世界上所有的骄傲被阻断CJ 而他会继续不断得到完善,并保持站立起来向大家都想击倒他。“马特·布雷达“他是一个强硬的对手,你可以看到。他会花球并运行它,也遭受重挫,并爬起来回到游戏中。这将是很难得到CJ [跳出]游戏。这就是正在发生的事情让他一个伟大的四分卫。”乔治·基特尔“CJ是最有竞争力的人,我曾经被周围的一个。他讨厌失败比任何人我知道更多。他玩过的游戏愤怒 这就是正在发生的事情让他一个伟大的四分卫。”乔治·基特尔“CJ是最有竞争力的人,我曾经被周围的一个。他讨厌失败比任何人我知道更多。他玩过的游戏愤怒 这就是正在发生的事情让他一个伟大的四分卫。”乔治·基特尔“CJ是最有竞争力的人,我曾经被周围的一个。他讨厌失败比任何人我知道更多。他玩过的游戏愤怒青年韦斯顿新泽西州里奇堡 , thats’ just how he plays it. It’s awesome. I feel like he is more mature. I feel like we all are after getting a year under our belt. The guys responded to C.J. being out there and I think we responded really well. We’re looking forward to having C.J. lead us from here on out.”“He’s a bad ass. He’s good. C.J. has more grit than anyone that I know. “He’s got a severe dad bod. He can run longer than anybody I’ve ever known- which is kind of crazy -and he can take any hit. Its’ pretty cool. I don’e know how he does it. “Reuben Foster “Like I said, he ain’t no Roody-poo. He ain’t sweet. There’s nothing sweet about C.J. That’s why we got faith and we believe in C.J. but it’s really not surprising but it was surprising, I could see it in his eyes every time he came on the sidelines, “Defense, let’s go, we got your back, we run with y’all. Just by him saying that, just means a lot to me http://www.the49ersfootballauthentic.com/pierre-garcon-jersey-authentic,因为我们知道他的头是在防守。“当福斯特被告知Beathard都会做一遍,关于他在那里的风击倒了他,他说戏,“他说的?真?这就是为什么他的火力!”
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