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22.09.2017 08:45

Yipeng offers custom made Hydraulic Jack for trucks, lorries and other heavy vehicles, and performs their maintenance with professionalism and passion. Just think of the countless possible uses of jacks on tippers, cranes, snowplows, agricultural vehicles as well as the broader category of commercial and industrial vehicles.

The manufacture and production of all of our high-pressure components, such as single- and double-acting cylinders, is performed on state-of- the-art machinery. However, some special details are still crafted by hand because no machine can ever replace the precision and the quality of an expert craftsman.


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14.09.2017 05:22

Do you know how to use the Floor Jack 3T? First pick up the floor jack set, put it in place immediately, turn off the tires, then return to the floor jack, remove the shelves, and of course you can see the safe landing car. That is the time of practice. This means that the floor jack 3t is set up, immediately in place, the tires are closed, and then back to the floor jack, remove the frame, of course, see the car safely down. Time qualification! Pick up the floor jack set, put it in place immediately, turn off the tires, then go back to the floor jack, remove the shelves, and of course you can see the safe landing car.

There are many different types of the floor jack 3t on the market, finding the right car jacks may be a daunting task for the average customer. Before going out to buy a car jack, it is important to note that there are different types on the market. Most car owners and car dealers like to use hydraulic


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14.09.2017 05:21

Dazenelevator installation is a mature business, yet change is under way as office space and energy get pricey. Most buildings that are taller than four stories use traction elevators. A motor at the top of the shaft turns a sheave—essentially a pulley—that raises and lowers cables attached to the cab and a counterweight. Gears connect the motor and sheave in slower systems. Faster elevators are gearless the sheave is coupled directly.

Either way, the machinery typically fills an entire room above or beside the top of the shaft, occupying what could be prime penthouse space. But innovations are allowing builders to squeeze the equipment into the head of the shaft itself or against a side wall.Some companies are using permanent-magnet gearless motors, which are smaller than traditional designs but have become just as powerful. And


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13.09.2017 05:14

Everyone desires to use a Floor Jack 3T he/she considers to be safe. If by any chance your jacks don’t guarantee safety, then you better look for another jack manufacturer.

Personally, Yipeng floor jacks are some of the safest equipment I have ever used. This is mainly due to the following key reasons:

    Protecting the jack from overload

Every jack has a maximum load capacity it can handle. However, exceeding this can cause a breakdown or increase rate of wear and tear. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider this fact.


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01.09.2017 10:09

We offer a large variety of automotive Car Transmission Jack. If you are looking for reliable transmission jacks for your vehicle transmission work, while the vehicle is on jack stands, look no further! Check out our fantastic inventory today and find your perfect transmission jack. Take advantage of these super handy accessory items at terrific prices. Save even more when you combine one of these items with a lift purchase!

Transmission Jack: Factors to Consider

    Weight Capacity


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26.08.2017 10:45

Until recently, home Elevator China had for a long time been considered an extreme luxury or something most people considered a medical necessity. However, this has drastically changed with the dropping cost of the equipment and installation and changes in people’s lifestyle and tastes today. This has seen many homeowners in Canada opting to install home elevators for an assortment of reasons. Taking a look at the many benefits that come with the installation of a home elevator, we have picked out the top 5 for review:
1. Functionality
Elevators can be of enormous importance in simplifying life, helping to minimise daily re-occurring movements of climbing stairs. For most homeowners, carrying items up and down every day, usually on a staircase, can be a tiresome experience. With an elevator, moving heavy and bulky objects becomes easier


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14.08.2017 06:53
Initially, what you need to do is to park your car into a firm, steady, and level ground. Make sure that the ground is safe to work on with since you will be working in the interiors. Hence, you need to have a steady and level ground to depend on.

Now, once you are settled with the parking of your vehicle, make sure to block your tires on the other side to prevent any forward and rearward movement. Any safe tool that can be used as a blocker is adequate but as mentioned above, I personally suggest the usage of safe huge rocks in blocking the tires. Just make sure the rocks are smooth so it won’t harm your tires in any way possible.

Now that your trailer vehicle is safe and sound to work on with, you may now jack up the trailer. When


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19.07.2017 05:30
Смотреть 'Dazen Guide Advantage for Hospital Elevator'

Advantage for Hospital Elevator:
More energy saving and Environmental
Permanent magnet synchronous Door and Gearless Traction Machine,Small occupancy、Low Noise,Saving 50% energy compare to Asynchronous Door and Geared Traction Machine, Operational efficiency improve 25% more,Transmission efficiency improve 90% more,not only saving energy,But also improved the operating efficiency .
Elevator China More comfortable
Innovative cabin structure,beveled edge Cabin Design and increase the weight of Cabin,Reduce the Vibration,Noise during the Run.
Using Integrated controller,make elevator running more smooth during start、run、stop。Increase the efficiency


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31.05.2017 04:35

How a hydraulic Floor Jack 3T works

From a users perspective, when working with a hydraulic jack, you need to insert the metal pumping bar into the handle socket and pump it, which will push the ram up and raises the boom with a load attached to the end. To lower a load you need to open the bleed valve located on the base of the jack. But what happens inside of the cylinder when working a jack?
Well, basically the same Pascal’s principle is being used to lift a load. When you activate the pumping system by inserting the pumping bar into the handle socket and pumping it, the hydraulic fluid (oil) is pushed to the cylinder though a one-way valve, applying pressure to the fluid while filling the cylinder. The fluid can only flow back from the cylinder through another valve which is blocked by


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