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12 января  2018 г. 11:13

TORONTO – Now would be a good time to start stocking the clubhouses in Baltimore

TORONTO – Now would be a good time to start stocking the clubhouses in Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, New York and Cleveland with extra beer and fried chicken. Justin Faulk Jersey . It will take an Orioles collapse the likes of the 2011 Red Sox for the Blue Jays to emerge American League East champions. The wild card scene, littered with the clubs mentioned above, is cluttered and becomes increasingly complicated the more teams jump between the Jays and the lead dog. The math is simple. Entering Fridays play, the Tigers, leading the second wild card spot by a half-game over the Mariners, were on a percentage pace to win 88 games. In order to get to 88 victories, likely the bare minimum of what it would take to make the postseason, the Jays must go 23-12 over their final 35 games. Thats a winning percentage of .657. The math is daunting. The manager, the coaches and the players know the math. But knowing the math and dwelling on the math, they insist, are two different things. "No, I wasnt very good at math," joked manager John Gibbons. "Actually that was my best subject in school but nobody knows what its going to take; just go out and win some games." "I know that we need to play better than we have been playing," said Adam Lind. "Its still August. There are still a lot of games left, whether it makes it easier or not for us to get into the playoffs. There are still too many games left to start thinking about the end." The Jays are back in Toronto for the longest remaining home stand of the season and the second-longest overall. The club will play nine games against three divisional rivals. First, the Rays come to town and theyll be followed by Boston, an off-day on Thursday and then New York. Working off the need to play at least .657 baseball the rest of the way, The Blue Jays must win at least six of nine (.666) on this home stand. "This is when you find out what players are made of when you get challenges like that," said Dioner Navarro. "Lets see what happens. Weve got Eddie back, Lindy back. Weve got five more weeks to play hard and try to accomplish something that hasnt been accomplished in 20-something years." Since theres no carryover in baseball, the Jays can only hope the offensive slump which temporarily ended in Wednesdays 9-5 win over the Brewers is a sign of things to come. "Were in a pretty good frame of mind. Thats never really been a problem with this group," said Gibbons. "Every games important." The Blue Jays need a strong finish to make the playoffs. Failing a postseason appearance, a strong finish and meaningful games deep into September would set a better tone heading into spring training, multiple players said. Another player confided to TSN.ca what should be considered obvious when factoring in the human subconscious: its easier to want to be at the ballpark everyday, late in the season, when theres something on the line. The aches and pains which accumulate over a long year, exacerbated by Rogers Centres decrepit turf, would not only be more easily tolerated but would go ignored if a playoff spot is in reach. Questions about a starting rotation, full of them in spring, are resurfacing now that the group appears to be regressing. The club is waiting for the recent returns of Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Lind to help bolster an offence thats hit only nine home runs this month. The problem is the waiting and the fact that there isnt any time left to wait. The turnaround, if its to happen, must begin now. Jaccob Slavin Jersey . Blackhawks RW Patrick Kane came up big when it counted, tallying two goals and an assist. He scored the game-winner with 4:45 remaining in the third period, stopping on the right hashmarks, carrying the puck up through the top of the Kings zone, then firing a wrist shot from the top of the circles past Jonathan Quick, who had his view obstructed by Andrew Shaw. Carolina Hurricanes Jerseys . Make the extra pass, take care of the ball, play defence and get more out of his bench.ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Texas Rangers have appointed retired pitcher Darren Oliver as a special assistant to the general manager and announced plans to honour career hits leader Michael Young. Oliver retired last fall after 20 major league seasons, 10 of them over three different stints with Texas. Oliver will work in a variety of areas with an emphasis on pitching. Even before Thursdayss announcements, Oliver had already been involved with the Rangers, including time at spring training. Lee Stempniak Jersey. Young will be recognized in a pregame ceremony May 17 before a game against Toronto, the organization that traded him to Texas in 2000. Young made his major league debut at the end of that season and spent all but the last of his 13 years in the majors with the Rangers. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 

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