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16 сентября 2017 г. 09:30

New-look World Cup of Hockey will return

NHL Commi sioner Gary Bettman announced on Saturdaythat the World Cup of Hockey will returnin September 2016. The two-week tournamentis scheduled to take placein Toronto, Ontario, you will discover over 150 NHL players asked to Kyle Murphy Jersey participate.

"We are happy to partner while using the NHLPA in planning and producing everything you expect is a world's best international hockey tournament," Bettman said after a pre s conference at Nationwide Arena. "The 2016 World Cup of Hockey will advise you besides our global reach, but also the skill and pa sion from the world's best athletes. We'd like to thank our international partners the IIHF and their members for their cooperation to a sist in making this event feasible."

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The last World Cup of Hockey was J.C. Tretter Jersey took part 2004.Toronto hosted the championshipgame in whichCanada beat Finland.The only other World Cup of Hockey to generally be played took placein1996.

"We expect the 2016 World Cup of Hockey to be the most competitive tournament of this type, along with the world's top players and greatest athletes," NHLPA Executive Director Don Fehr said. "We look forward to using the NHL, as well as the IIHF and its particular Federations on this extraordinary event. We expect this often is the step one within the series of events which may elevate our game in the next Green Bay Packers NFL Jersey several years, along with a World Cup in 2020."

In a creativeeffort to utilise something else entirely, the NHL is providing an intriguing facelift to an old tradition.The tournament will featurenational teams in the traditionally powerful United states of america, Canada, Ru sia, Sweden, FinlandandCzech Republic. Itwill also featureTeam Europe and Team Usa Youngstars,two all-star teams that should bring anew twist in the tournament.Team Europe Trevor Davis Jersey will feature players fromEurope away from the four European national teams that havealready been selected whileTeam Western Quinten Rollins Jersey Youngstars will feature the top hockey players aged23and youngerfrom Canada as well as National.

Rosters for those eight teams will include23 players, 20 skatersand three goalies. As reported by CBC Sports, the winning team will receive $1 million to split within the national federation and players whilethe second-place team will receive$500,000.

These changes comeaspart of a biggerplan for international competition that couldinclude a Ryder Cup style tournament in 2018 and a larger World Cup in 2020.

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