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16 сентября 2017 г. 09:27

Positional Pricing- Paying for Power and

Power is still king when it comes to getting paid. Around the pitching side, power pitchers anchoring staffs are paid well. Around the hitting side, power hitters are among the highest paid players in main League Baseball. The defensive positions like catcher, shortstop, and center field are highly spoken of, but nobody gets their wage like first basemen and corner outfielders. The defensive spectrum as well as the WAR positional adjustment tends to go, from most difficult to least difficult, C-SS-2B-CF-3B-RF-LF-1B. However, with regards to receiving payment, the alternative holds true.

Using the FanGraphs Depth Charts, and Brandon Mosley Jersey also the salary information from Cots at Baseball Prospectus, I took a look at every projected starter in the majors as well as their salaries. I added designated hitters in the American League as well as closers and the highest paid pitcher for those teams. While the highest paid pitcher isn't nece sarily a teams best pitcher, it's an easy proxy in this instance. Where a team received money from another to help pay for a players salary, just the salary paid through the team using the player was counted. The money paid through the other team is not included in their own figures.

Top starting pitchers lead the way in which by a decent margin followed by first basemen.

Given the high cost of needing a starter in free agency it's not a big surprise that the top starting pitcher is available in first. All starting pitchers are paid fairly well with the average starting pitcher coming in at about Jonathan Casillas Jersey 50 % from the average from the ace, above just about all position groupings. Very few teams could po sibly get away without paying at least some starting pitcher a high salary. Here is the distribution among teams.

Cleveland has among the best young pitching staffs in MLB with Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar, and Trevor Bauer, yet no starter makes greater than $4 million. Two-thirds from the teams top starters sit between $10 million and $20 million with Clayton Kershaws salary topping all of baseball.

In free agency, as being a power hitting first baseman has paid off.

Detroit has paid two first basemen major free agent profit the past few years. Joe Mauer, Ryan Zimmerman, and Mike Napoli have had to move to first base from more demanding defensive positions, however the rest of the high-salaried group has played first base for the majority of their playing careers.

The designated hitter is used more within the National League than it has in the past, but only the American League teams tend to pay a decent salary for somebody simply to hit.

The Yankees jump to the peak from the pile here. After retaining Chase Headley, Alex Rodriguezs return from suspension makes him a very paid designated hitter. David Ortiz continues to be going strong in Boston, and Nick Swisher is among Clevelands most highly paid players, but exactly how much he will hit is a question heading into 2015. Based on Albert Pujols condition moving forward, the Angels designated hitter situation could quickly go from least expensive to most expensive.

Left fielders aren't generally thought of as great within the field, but they are handsomely compensated for their ability to hit.

Left field shows a distinctive distribution. Nearly half from the players have salaries exceeding $10 million, topped by Josh Hamilton and Jason Werth above the $20 million mark. At the other end, half of the left fielders make under $5 million dollars with only two teams paying players between $5 million and $10 million.

The average requires a decent drop moving from left field to right field.

Right field does not start as high as left field with Hunter Ryan Nassib Jersey Pence getting a top salary under $20 million. Additionally, it has a more linear drop. Over fifty percent of the players make between $5 million and $15 million, although former Braves Justin Upton and Jason Heyward figure to top their list annually from now.

There is yet another drop to center field where the remaining positions are fairly even.

Jacoby Ellsbury of the Ny Yankees leads the way for center fielders by a good amount. Melvin Upton, Jr. and Michael Bourn haven't shown themselves to be great free agent deals, and one-third of teams have chosen to start someone who has yet to achieve arbitration.

Closers do not get paid lots of money in the upper end, however the degree of pay is pretty distributed.

Jonathan Papelbon sets the bar, but many closers have been in the $5 million to $10 million Matt LaCosse Jersey dollar range. Just three teams decide to pay their closers the minimum, and people teams have other relievers earning more income.

Despite a push by Pablo Sandoval, David Wright remains the highest-paid third baseman.

While third basemen take presctiption the reduced end of the scale by pay, the middle tier of players is full of players who will earn more soon. Josh Donaldson, Todd Frazier, Matt Carpenter, and Kyle Seager all make under $5 million this season, but should see their salaries increase in the coming seasons.

Shortstop get paid when they hit free agency, like Jose Reyes, however they rarely make it to free agency.

It isn't completely surprising that a lot of shortstops make so little. It's a very valuable defensive position, and also the best defenders are usually younger players. Teams take le s on offense to get good defense, and defense is rarely compensated as well as offense. Up to 50 % of all teams pay the minimum for their shortstop.

Second basemen get le s than shortstops.

Robinson Cano is propping up the entire position. Miami, completely conversely from the spectrum isn't even spending George Selvie Jersey money on another baseman. Dee Gordons wages are being paid by the Dodgers. The Dodgers are paying the complete salary for that Marlins highest paid pitcher in Dan Haren too.

Catchers go ahead and take worst from it on the field, but don't get paid for the work off of it.

Buster Posey, Brian McCann, and Yadier Molina, and Miguel Montero earn the most in the catcher position. Not one other catcher earns greater than $10 million, though Ru sell Martin can get there when his contract escalates in 2016.

Whether teams overpay in free agency for hitting, or are hesitant to commit long-term to players who might need to move from their position, the greater fielding positions tend to pay le s. Defense peaks sooner than hitting, but that appears to overlook the obvious answer. Players with big offensive lines get paid, and no-one more than first basemen around the hitting side, but pitchers still go ahead and take cake when it comes to buying an ace.

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