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9 ноября 2018 г. 06:42

BV2613-600 Aleali May Air Jordan 1 Viotech in Women's size

This Air Jordan 3 NRG Tinker could be experienced as a stroke of old for generations who grew up with the TN but is actually a new start for the pair. The Air Max Plus has been subject to many hybrids during its lifetime and continues to be associated with other silhouettes today. This great versality of the pair was made possible by a strong design, which at a glance knows how to attract attention. It is not for nothing that the new generation is in turn appropriate leaving orphan collectors of certain constructions. The return of this color OG is actually the link between these two epochs that grew up with TN and which for 20 years remained the same object of lust for all the wages.
This is happening, Jordan 1 Mid Lush Teal is coming back! Before you, accurate photos of the new issue and information about the premiere, including its date.This is one of the simplest and most desirable editions of Threes in history. The key role is played by white, which has been used not only on the leather uppers, but also on the soles, laces or lining. The character of the project is brown, which appears on the bottom of the sole, the last eyelet for laces, and above all on the elements with the Elephant Print pattern - around the toebox and on the back.
Earlier, I used to do Day Surveys - that is, a quick review of the Aleali May Air Jordan 1 Viotech news. Along with the changes in running the website and switching to a more blog form, I also do not want to cut myself off completely from writing about novelties. Nevertheless, now there will be a different form - from the crowds of all prime minister I am writing only about things that caught my eye, which evoke in me any emotions, not only positive ones.Since I really like Carhartta, I've been paying attention to their re-operation with Convers - this time offering us the classic Chucki '70. This is not a kneeling edition (One Old Carhartta seems to be something more catchy), but they are such a nice shoe for everyday wear.

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