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6 декабря 2017 г. 08:51

Adidas's modern design

Adidas's modern design

The army trainer that spawned hundreds of imitators is being resuscitated at the three stripes brand.

Both Adidas adidas shoes sale and Puma claim responsibility for inventing the German Army Trainer sneaker. It's '70s-era low-top kick with a gum sole and suede paneling on the toe (usually in gray) developed as a training sneaker for—you guessed it—the German armed forces.

In reality, both rival brands are responsible for manufacturing the sneaker originally (Adolf Dassler founded Adidas new balance sale and his brother Rudolph Dassler founded Puma) but it's easy to see why each would want to lay claim to what's colloquially known as the "GAT." Because not only is it a now-iconic piece of modern design, but the silhouette has served as the basis for countless other sneakers since they first debuted, from the Adidas Samba to the Puma Suede to Maison Margiela's Replica versions.

There are many reasons this sneaker works and chief among them is that its nearly unbranded, heavy on elevated details (gray suede around the toe, a contrast gum sole). Maison Margiela's popular versions, which come in a host of different colorways and fabrics (some even have scribbles on them, others don't have laces), have become the gold standard for GATs over the past decade. In fact, when pictures of Adidas's cheap adidas trainers version surfaced online this week, many people mistakenly thought that the three stripes had actually copied Margiela, not the other way around

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