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7 декабря 2017 г. 11:48

Runescape Free Quest Information: Ernest the Chicken



Start place:

Outside of Draynor Manor,

Talk to Veronica.



4 Quest Points.

300 Coins.


Necessary objects:






Без названия

1. - Talk to Veronica in the entrance to the Estate in Draynor ( buy cheap runescape gold on site runescapegoldfast). She will tell anyone that Ernest has been indoors and has not still left yet, you will offer to locate Ernest.



2. - Enter the Mansion and rise to the last bottom, you will find Tutor Oddenstein. Ask him about Ernest and yet tell you that he's turned him into any chicken... but if you guide him repair his machine he is able to change Ernest to his normal form. To repair the machine you will be asked for: an Oil can, a Rubber tube and also a Pressure gauge.


3. - Getting Oil May: go back to the first floor and walk towards the west room where your bookseller is, click on the bookcase and you'll find a secret pass towards the room immediately, go down the stairs towards basement. You will find a smaller maze, follow these steps:



Move levers A along with B, Open the NORTH-EAST door.

Move D, Open the door SOUTH-WEST, then the south entrance.

Move A and M again, Open the NORTH-WEST gateway, Open WEST and subsequently NORTH.

Move F and Age, open the door towards the EAST and then the door THIS again.

Move C, Open the NORTH-WEST gateway. Open the WEST home.

Move E. Open the door EASTERN SIDE, Open the SUR door and once again the SOUTH.

Now the door the place that the Oil Can is will be open, enter and take the item and leave the cellar through the staircase that you appeared.


4. - Rubber tube: Once outside the cellar, move the lever to exit from the bookcase, go to the EASTERN room and grab a new spade that is on a lawn and exit through the doorway around the mansion from the north to venture to the "pile of compost", a small pile involving earth, use the shovel to unearth an essential, enter the house over the front door and operate the key to open the threshold with the skull interior, do not pay attention to the skull, just go in along with take the Rubber tube and escape there.


5. - Pressure gauge: go to the second floor then to florida room and lift your fish food (sea food food), go to the first floor and from the room to the WEST you will find the poison (pollute), use the poison with all the food for fish, get out of the house through the door inside room to the east and pay attention to the fountain, use the poisoned fish food in the fountain to kill the piranhas and then grab the pressure determine.


6. - Go back on the Professor, give him the a few items and turn Ernest right into a human, Ernest will give a person your reward.


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Date:15th Dec--15th Jan

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