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7 декабря 2017 г. 11:01

Runescape Free Quest Guideline: Prince Ali Rescue



Start place:

Castle of Al Kharid,

Speak with Hassan.



3 Quest Points.

700 Coins.

Free passage through the entranceway of Lumbridge-Al Kharid


Necessary objects:

Soft Clay

1 Bronze bar.


Bucket of water.

Pot of flour.



3 Ball of constructed from wool.

Yellow dye.

Pink Skirt.

3 Beers.






1. - Speak with Hassan within the palace of Al kharid, after offering your help he will tell you to talk with Osman.


2. Osman is outside the actual palace, talk to him and make clear that Hassan sent you and which you are required instructions, Osman will tell anyone that Lady Keli provides captured Prince Ali, and that he needs one to rescue him, he will give an individual two instructions: the first, make a costume and also the other is to create a copy of the cell key.


3. - A few actions north of Draynor Whole village jail this Leela, talk to her and tell her you are there to help saving Prince Ali, she will tell you what items you need.


4. - Talk to this witch Aggie, and ask her to create you a Skin paste, you will need ashes, Flour and redberries, you will also ask her to generate a Yellow dye, you need 2 onion and 5 coins.


5. Talk to Ned, ask him if the guy can do something else with wool and make sure he understands that a wig will certainly ask you for 3 ball of wool to generate the wig. paint the yellow wig while using Yellow dye that your witch gave you while using the wig. Now the costume is actually complete.


6. Talk to Lady Keli in addition to convince her to let you see the key for a moment, when she lends you the true secret she uses the soft clay which you have with the key to create a mold of the critical.


7. - Go back together with Osman in Al Kharid while using impression of the enter in the clay and the bronze bar give him things and he'll tell you to go with Leela to provide the Key


8. - After asking for that key to Leela, go to the jail and speak with guard Joe, tell him that when he wants a light beer and accepts, offers another, he will take them and he will get drunk, if he does definitely not offer other.


9. - Tie Lady Keli having a Rope (rope) along with her, use the key Leela gave you at the door where the prince is and speak with him. He will take your disfras (skin stick, wig and pink sweater)


10. - Go back to Hassan within the palace of Al Kharid and consult him and reward a person. Congratulations, now you are someone of Al Kharid and you will pass freely through the entranceway that is between Lumbridge along with Al Kharid.


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