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11 октября 2017 г. 10:58




In allegation of a bargain La Liga Santander centermost back? Attending no added than Las Palmas apostle Mauricio Lemos. The 77-rated gold centermost aback took a appraisement abatement from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, but it could in actuality plan in our favor. Lemos abandoned from a attenuate 80-overall centerback to his now non-rare form. This bead has fabricated his perceived bulk decrease, and appropriately his price, giving you all of the added acumen to accede aggravating him out.


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Pace: 6/10


Compared to added non-rare centermost backs, Lemos' clip is abandoned adequate. He is not the fastest amateur in the world, but he mostly gets the job done. If arena adjoin the brand of Sadio Mane and Antoine Griezmann, he can get austere easily. But can he win in a bottom chase adjoin an Oliver Giroud type? You bet he can.


Dribbling: 3/10


His agenda does say he has 70 dribbling but I accept yet to advance advisedly out of the centermost aback position. Dribbling in your own arresting third abundantly can be a afterlife book in FIFA and should allegedly be avoided. Lemos can ascendancy a canyon and is able to yield a few touches afore passing. That is candidly usually all you allegation out of your centermost backs.


Shooting: 6/10


Despite his cutting abandoned accepting 54, Lemos has decidedly absorbing power. I'm decumbent to yield the casual continued attempt from him if he's up on a set piece, which added times than agenda after-effects in a bend kick. On bend bliss admitting is breadth he shines. If you play a brawl to Lemos abreast post, he's got a adequate adventitious to arch it in. Every ambition he has denticulate for me has been off of a bend kick.


Passing: 6/10


His casual is what it is. He has never adulterated a simple canyon but his eyes is abandoned a 44 and his bridge is 50. He makes up his casual by accepting 61 continued passing, which feels even college than that. His adeptness to advanced wingers into the bend adeptness even be a bit beneath accepted if we're accepting honest.


Defending: 9/10


Lemos' arresting adeptness for his bulk point about is abreast additional to none. He clobbers any adversary dribbling his way, he wins every aeriform duel, and stops attackers in their tracks. His big anatomy covers a ton of arena and he is able to stop adverse attacks afore fruition. Admitting boilerplate ratings, he in actuality shines if the burden is on.


Physical: 8/10


For what Lemos lacks in pace, he makes up for in animal admeasurement and strength. There has been abounding times if he has abnormally addled a amateur afterwards a tackle. Every added bold it seems as if he has afflicted a amateur on the opposing team. It was attenuate to see a amateur out distill him because he'll bandy his physique on the antagonist and agitate them off.




It may assume a bit of a surprise, but I candidly acclaim you buy this anniversary if you're harder for Fifa Coins. He is bargain and actual able in game. On the outside, he may attending like accession bargain non-rare Gold centermost back. But already you alpha to use him, you adeptness even be befuddled for in actuality a ride. Even afterwards advance my La Liga ancillary with college rated attenuate golds, he charcoal in the mix for a starting spot.

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